Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 93

Hey This ones gonna be a short one y'all, I've got to take off soon
for another road trip into Houston, I'll try and make it a good email
So, I had exchanges with elder Remund over in Jennings today, we got
to go clear over into Crowley, the edge of the mission, we met some
cool people there, one was a ninety six year old catholic guy, another
guy named smokey Jackson, it was great. The best part was seeing how
other missionaries do their work, and trying to help out in little
We also had a baptism this week! A young man named Christian got
baptized, it was way fun teaching him, he even
brought a friend to the baptism that he'd met a couple weeks ago, he's
the one who drove him to the baptism actually, good guy.
Alright that's about it from me for now, I'll need to get going! I
sure do love y'all, and I love the lord even more than that! I'll keep
working hard out here, y'all take care back home and stay close to the
gospel! I've been thinking a lot about charity this week, and I've
still got that on my mind, so I'm doing Moroni 7:44-48 as my ponderize
scripture, learn it live it love it!
Elder Murdock!
True to the Faith

Elder Kent and Elder Murdock

Chris' Baptism

Dinner with a Member

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