Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 96

Hello Everyone! 
This week was exciting, full of adventures in the woods. On Tuesday, we went with a member named Brother Rogers, an old east Texan who literally knows everyone in the state of Texas, to go try and see some people. Once we'd talked to the person we'd planned on seeing, he took us out to the woods to try and talk to some of his friends he knows. We weren't able find any of them, but we did run into some long horns, so that was neat. Wednesday we had exchanges, i went down to Woodville with elder Park and had another great day out looking for people in the woods who weren't there, but it's all good,elder park's a great guy with a TON of good stories, too many for one email. On Thursday Brother Rogers had us back over so Elder Chanel could fix a carburetor on one of his old tractors. He ended up letting us ride around his property in a couple of them once they were fixed, that was a good time. 
We've been teaching a kind lady named Maggie for the past couple of weeks, a member referred her to us our first week together, and she's just been a joy to teach. She's been prepared to accept the gospel for years now, she'd even been living the Word of Wisdom all her life and hadn't even known it! One thing about her, though, is that she forgets things very easily. This last time we met, she'd forgotten that she went to church with us last week! When we reminded her that she did come, she sat thinking for a moment, then a big smile lit up her face and she said, "oh that's right! I love that church!" She'll be getting baptized this Saturday, we had her write a big sign on her wall about it so she can remember!
Everything else is going good up here, there's been a ton of rain these last few days but that wont stop us! This week the memorization challenge is 1 Nephi 7:12, join in on the fun and read it live it love it! 
I hope all yall have a great week this week, I sure do love yall, and the Lord loves you even more than that! Keep Him centered in your life and you'll never be led astray. It's that simple.
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Longhorns and Elder Murdock

Exchanges with Elder Park

Cowboy and a Samoan

Working in the Woods

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