Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 97-Jasper

Happy Memorial Day y'all! I sure hope you're having a good one!
This last week has been great, on Tuesday we had our Beaumont zone
conference, where we got to hear from our APs, zone leaders, and
president and sister Drake. It was actually the last time we'd get to
hear from them in a conference like that, and on Friday we had our
last interview with President Drake, pretty crazy it's already time
for them to go, I can hardly believe it.

Through this whole week we saw Margaret every day to make sure she was
ready for her Baptism, which was on Friday. We did it mostly so she
wouldn't forget about it! We went to her house on Friday with our
district leader Elder Wood for her interview and she thought that that
was the day she was getting baptized! But other than her memory
problems, she had to have been the smoothest person I've ever taught
to prepare for Baptism. There was no problems at all with her, we just
met, taught her, and now, two weeks later, she's a member of the
church with a whole new family of friends. It's been a testimony to me
that the Lord is preparing people every day to hear the gospel, and He
will use you to help those people who are searching, and can't help
themselves. We just need to be ready and willing to go when He calls!

Elder Chanel and I also gave talks yesterday in Sacrament meeting, we
were told we could do it in any subject we wanted, so we decided to
talk on Memorial day, and how it ties into the gospel. Elder Chanel
talked about sacrifice, and I talked about how our service and
membership in the church is like military service. I talked a little
about the flag my uncle Rob gave me before I left on my mission, the
one he wore on his shoulder through his service in Iraq. He gave me
a letter with it describing some of the challenges that went along
with that service, and the challenges I'd face out here in the field.
I carry that flag in my wallet and think about what it means to be a
soldier in the army of the Lord each time I see it. It's hard work,
and does require a lot of sacrifice, but anything good in this world
requires at least a little sacrifice. Some give their all in defending
what they know is right and true, and those are the people we honor
today. I hope as we all go about our day, and as we remember those
brave men and women who did sacrifice everything for this wonderful
country, that we don't forget the one Man who gave His absolute all
for each of us, who performed the greatest sacrifice that has ever
been made, who fought the entire army of the adversary completely
alone. I hope we all remember our Savior today, and every day. As we
follow Him, our ultimate Commander and Chief, we will never lose any
battle that is thrown our way.
One last thing about the meeting yesterday, Elder Chanel and I decided
to do a little musical number between our talks with him singing and
me playing the viola. We did a medley of different hymns in English
and Samoan, which ended with the Stars Spangler Banner, with the whole
congregation singing along. That was a neat experience, playing that
song with everyone
Singing a long. I swear, as I was playing I almost thought I could
hear angels singing a long with us. Very special moment.

Well, I sure do love y'all, and this great country, and I know that
the Lord loves us all even more than that! Keep your faith in Him and
you'll never fail!

Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Somewhere in East Texas

Margaret's Baptism

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