Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 94-Week of Travels, Transfer to Jasper

Hey everyone, Elder Kent and I did a whole lot of traveling this week, we went from one side of the mission to the other, all the way into Baton Rouge! It's been pretty wild, and I've got lots of pictures this week, so I hope yall enjoy!

We started the week off with a road trip, I dropped Elder Kent off in Orange and picked up my buddy Elder Andersen, then we drove to Vidor where the zone leaders picked us up and drove us all the way over to Kingwood, where I stayed the night in my old apartment in Atascocita. The next day was a mission leader training meeting which went really well, I got to see a lot of my old friends I hadn't seen in a while, and we all got some good spiritual direction. We're focusing on effective studies and the Book of Mormon this month, I'm excited.  On Wednesday we drove out to Jennings to give the elders there a new phone. By the time we got there a huge storm hit that flooded a lot of the roads and freeways, so we were stuck at their apartment for a while, the rain never really stopped all day, it was nuts. The next day we got to go out to Sulphur and help the elders there clean out a member's home that got flooded pretty bad. On Friday we had the zone leaders come down to teach a special district meeting on what we learned on Tuesday about the Book of Mormon, we dont do zone meetings anymore, now the zone leaders come to us, pretty nice. On Saturday we took anther road trip clear out to Baton Rouge to go to the temple there with our recent converts. Pierre was nice enough to take us, we probably wouldn't be able to go anywhere without that guy. The temple was great! we did Baptisms and confirmations, and they all went wonderfully. It was really neat to see where my dad's old mission was, it's a nice place, but i think Texas still has it beat! That night we got transfer calls and I found out that I'll be leaving Lake Chuck and my good friend and companion elder Kent. Sad. I've had a lot of fun out here, elder Kent and I worked hard together, I sure will miss him. But, this means we get to have another road trip! This has been the week of road trips I swear. We'll be driving over to Beaumont where we'll meet up with the Jasper elders, I'll be going up to Jasper with Elder Chanel, an Elder from Samoa, and Elder Kent and Chanel's comp, elder Morris, will be going on to kKngwood to get their new comps, and mission life goes on! 

That just about wraps it up for this week, I'll let yall know more about my new comp and my new area next Monday. As a mission we're all memorizing a book of mormon scripture each week, this weeks is Mosiah 4:10, so I'll be ponderizing on that one this week! Read it live it love it!
I sure do love yall, and the Lord loves you even more than that! Remember that and you'll have a wonderful life!
Elder Murdock
True to the faith

Baton Rogue Temple 

Baby Gator

Texas Star
Atascosita Apartment
Storm in Jennings

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