Monday, November 30, 2015

Turkey, floods and grubs

Hey everybody! 

The NGOs are really great here in Texas, it's starting to feel cold even,
and it's been raining a ton for the past few days.
Thanksgiving was awesome! We had a good dinner with the Crocket family!
This week was pretty weird, especially on Saturday.  Our car only has
a few miles left to go this month, so we couldn't go anywhere far, so
we stayed in town mostly, teaching people we had met close to us. That
went actually pretty well, we have a new potential investigator, and
she seems really nice, too!
So, on Saturday, I woke up and went to the kitchen to make some
breakfast, and there were all these little grub things crawling all
over the ground! They were very gross, so me and Moe spent the morning doing a
thorough cleaning of the apartment.  Don't worry though, we got it nice
and clean, and it will stay that way for a while now! Also, at the end
of the day, we found out the Sisters apartment had some flooding from
their neighbor upstairs, so we went to go check to see if they were
alright. Sister Fernandez has been sick for the past few days, so she
was knocked out sleeping when it happened. When she woke up, Sister
White was cleaning up all the carpets, and tearing them up and stuff,
so sister F was really confused.  Anyway, they're alright now, doing
Thanksgiving was great, like I said. We had the actual dinner at the
Crockets with their family, and we had dessert with the Hentschels.
It was all really good, and we both got so stuffed! We also played
some football and kickball with the Hentschel kids, they are awsome.
I'm really glad to hear that y'all had a great Thanksgiving too, I sure
did miss you though, but only a little! It does feel weird not being
with y'all this year, but I guess we just need to get used to it for
 I love y'all so much and I hope everything goes great for y'all this week! Enjoy the snow, I'm
pretty jealous of that. Till next week!
Thanksgiving Day

After District Meeting
Love, Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Heeeellllooooo everybody! Things are going really great out here!
We've got some people who say they want to be be baptized, we are
teaching more people, and having fun doing it!
There's a family out here who loves us a lot, they are really sad
about Elder Moe leaving though. Because of that, though, they've let
us eat dinner with them as much as they can.  They signed up for every
Saturday night, and other days too. The best thing about it is, the
Grandma,whose house it is, lets some of her kids live
with her, and her grandkids.  Her son in law is the one we are
teaching, so we get to teach him each time we come over.  Oh, and it's
the same family who has the kid we baptized! They are awesome,
we are going over at thanksgiving to eat desert, She makes home made
We are eating at a different families house  for thanksgiving meal.  They have a nice house
on the lake, and they are also an amazing family. I sure miss my
family though, they are probably my favorite in the whole world! I
just wanted to let you know I'm taken care of out here.
So, a whole lot of kids were outside our apartment the other day,  and we
had fun playing with them. They thought it was cool that we were
"church people". And they all wanted some bibles, and Books of Mormon.
We gave them to them, and they thought it was awesome! I'm not sure if
their parents will like them, but oh well!
That's really about it, thanks for all the pictures, it's fun to see
how y'all are doing! I'll keep working hard out here, and I hope
Thanksgiving will be good for y'all! Say hi to all the family!
I love you guys,
Elder Murdock

True to the Faith

At the church on PDay!

Teaching a lesson!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Good week-Short Email

Hello family! Things have been going really well out here.We
just  got four new investigators that are all in part member
families, so good news! At least I hope so!
Not too much has happened this week, I'm sorry to say.  I went
on an exchange with elder Udal, the district leader, and that went
really well, he's a great guy! We tried to teach a few lessons, but
the people just weren't really as interested as I thought.  I got the package you sent.
 Thank you for all the winter gear by the way, I think it will help a lot, it's actually
starting to get colder out here!
An older woman in the ward passed away this week.  Most of her family are members so they have the Plan of Salvation.  It sure helps people during hard times.  We went over to the families  house to see if they needed any help from the Elders. They found out Moe was Tongan, and one of them
actually asked if he could do the Hakka. He said yes, and we ended up
doing it for them right there in the living Room! It was crazy, but so
is Texas. I love it out here, and I love all of you! Have a great week!
               Elder Murdock
True to the Faith 

Sporting the cool Tonga shirt!

Breakfast at the Mission Home with Pres. and Sister Drake

Monday, November 9, 2015

Investigators, Pool, and Baptism

Hello everybody! It's so good to hear how well y'all are doing, and I'm
so glad the Devils are going to Rice! I think it's funny that you play
East though, because there is a Tongan Elder in my district, Elder
Tukuafu, that played for East the year they lost to Timpview in the
state game. When I told him about the game he said he
didn't like me anymore! But, I think we'll be alright, once the game is
Big things are happening down here in Dixie guys, I'm glad to get to be a part of it!
This week has been good to us, we taught a lot of less actives this
week, as well as a couple of new investigators! One of them was A.T.
again, and he is still doing good, we taught him the full
lesson of the restoration, and he is still real interested, and he
wants us to keep coming by! The other man we're going to start
teaching is an older gentleman who lives near us.
He likes us, but he really wants to make sure
about the church before he commits to anything, so we're going to work
with him a bit.
Something cool happened the other night! We were going out to check up on a
less active, who we didn't have much luck with, but as we were driving
away, I saw these people playing pool in a shed house thing, and I
commented on it to Elder Moe, who loves pool (he beats me every time
we play) and he asked if we should go play with them. I said yeah, why
not! So we parked our car and went over, suits and all, and asked if
we could play a game with them. They were a little suspicious at
first, but when we told them we were Mormons, not J-dubs, they were
happy to have us!   Moe played one of the Gentleman first.
 Elder Moe beat him in pool. Then we played the ladies. One of them beat me, but I 
was able to teach the restoration during the game! Elder Moe taught
the other girl while I played.   They both took a Book of Mormon, and
would like us to keep coming by to play pool and teach. One gentleman who was the 
best at pool played Elder Moe. Moe beat him once, then lost to him. He was
wearing a cowboy hat, and he kinda reminded me of uncle Dave in a
way.  He isn't as interested in us as the others, but we were able to
clear up a few questions for him, and he said we were welcome back any
time. So that was cool!
We also baptized our 8 year old investigator.  I think it is so good for him to do this, and I
love that family as well.  
Well I'm doing good out here, I think about y'all  a lot, and I hope you
know how much all of you, Mom Dad and Wes and everyone else, have been
able to help me by being who you are! Thanks, and I love you!
                  Elder Murdock 

True to the Faith

Back Road


District Meeting with a visitor!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Racing for Book of Mormons, Halloween, and Teaching

 I hope all y'all are doing good after that earthquake. (We had a small earthquake here at home on Monday morning. It woke us up early!) I know I'm doing alright after a few tornado warnings out here, pretty crazy stuff lately I guess! It's been a really good week, we got some good stuff done and had fun doing it. On Tuesday we went out looking for people, and we stopped by to see these people we met a while back, but they weren't home. Instead, their kids were there, with some of their cousins riding bikes. We actually got to play with two of the younger kids. We played catch with a baseball a little bit, it was fun. It all started out with Moe challenging their older cousin, who was on a bike, to a race. Moe on feet, the kid on a bike.  Moe won, of course, and because he won, the kids had to take Books of Mormon from us! The younger kid,  who is about seven, invited us back the other day, but nothing really came of it, but I think we'll keep trying them out, we'll see how it goes.  Wednesday was great, we taught an 8 year old another lesson.  He is in a part member family.  His family all dressed up as opposite genders for the ward trunk or treat, and it was so funny to see them like that! I love this 8 year old! He is such a smart little guy, he's taking the lessons really well!  The rest of the week has been good, we had the sisters over to our porch for dinner on Halloween, and that was fun, we had Tongan food for Halloween! We all went as missionaries, of course.  Then just yesterday, we went back to see those kids I was talking about, and their grandma wasn't having a good day. She lives with them, and she just told us to go away. So, we decided to walk down the street a little farther and knocked on some houses. The first one we knocked on was an old couple who let us in and were nice, but just weren't interested, but they did say that their neighbor was a preacher if we wanted to talk to him. Of course we did, so we went over and knocked on his door, and, long story short, he and his whole congregation want to be baptized now! Haha, just kidding I wish. The preacher moved out not too long ago and another older gentleman lives there now, and this guy needs to be a Mormon! I'm not kidding, he doesn't drink, he loves the story of the early saints, he understands the restoration, and he's looking for a church around here where he can pay his 10% tithe! This guy is practically made for our church, I just want to keep teaching him! 
So, I took a lot of pictures this week. I think I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. I love you all so much, you're the best!
              Elder Murdock
True to the Faith
Enjoying the view

Fishing early morning on P day