Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 92

Bonjour mis bon amis! I hope y'all had a great week! (And sorry if I
butchered that French, it's Cajun🙃)
We started this week off with an exchange, I went down to Sulphur with
elder Jones for the day, it was nice. We went to the house of one of
their investigators, and sadly he wasn't there, but his grandma was!
Her and a friend we sitting out on the front porch talking, we asked
them if the gator was home, they said he wasn't, so we started
chatting about religion, as we do. They both used to be catholic, but
now their baptist, and oh how they don't like the Catholic Church!
They sat and bashed on it for a good five minutes straight, we joined
in a little, trying to bring it back to the great apostasy, it was
kinda fun. We eventually brought the conversation back to the gospel,
and were able to testify of the restoration, one of the ladies has
some beef with their new pastor or something, so she's been searching
for a other church, she seems interested. Every time we talk with
people who have had problems in the past with pastors or doctrine, it
makes me more glad to be a part of Christ's true restored church,
where things must make sense!

Elder Kent and I also had the chance to drive clear out to Jennings on
Wednesday for some baptismal interviews for a couple of investigators
out there, it was nice to take a long drive through the country again,
I've missed seeing all the trees and fields and stuff. The interviews
went well, I did two in Jennings, then drove back
and did one more here in Lake Chuck for the Sulphur Elder's
Investigator, Sydney. They were all awesome and ready for baptism,
it's cool to ask people the interview questions, and see how the
spirit has had such an impact on their lives, that they're willing to
make a covenant with Heavenly Father, it's so exciting!

We also had dinner with our bishop this week, elder Kent really likes
to eat at his house because he can answer a lot of his doctrinal
questions, I really like to eat there because of all of his kids who
are fun to talk to and play with, they're all really funny. Also, the
food is really good, can't go wrong with good food. Yup, the food here
is amazing, we just had some good gumbo yesterday at a member's house.
Mmmm, so good. Earlier this week we ate at the Bonnettes, our recent
converts, and sister Bonnette made a great beef stew. They also had us
over for a BBQ not too long ago, really good ribs and potato salad and
deviled eggs, oh, so good. Then there's the jambalaya down here,
etufè, crawfish, po boys...anyway, got a bit distracted there!

The rest of the week went well, we taught a lesson with Christian
again, he'll be getting baptized this Saturday, super pumped about
that. The McCains from Atascocita ward came to our church yesterday,
their nephew lives in our ward, and their baby girl just had a
birthday, it was really good to see them again, that family just puts
a smile on my face! Elder Kent and I are still doing well together,
we're good buds. I've been thinking a lot this week on all the things
the spirit can do for us, and a big one that's stuck out to me is give
us strength and energy to our bodies, I've found hpthat missionaries
need to rely on that a lot! In 2 Nephi 4:29 it talks about not
slackening your strength because of your afflictions, which means, no
matter what your going through, so long as you keep your trust in the
lord, he'll give you strength through any of your trials, and you'll
be make it out just fine. So that's my ponderize scripture this week,
learn it live it love it!

I sure do love y'all, and I love the lord even more than that! I'm so
glad I get to be out here serving him, I'll be seeing most of y'all in
less than 100 days now, pretty crazy!
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Louisiana Dragonfly

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