Monday, August 1, 2016

Inspired members=amazing lessons

I hope y'all are doing real well out there, things in Texas couldn't
be better, here's a low down on how the works been going on this part
of the vineyard this week:

It started out real good, me and Elder Niemann taught a great lesson
with an investigator named Shane. We brought a member with us that
moved into the ward like, two weeks ago to live with his family here,
he came from Virginia. His parents are divorced, his mom is still back
in Virginia and is less active. His dad and step mom just moved here
too with the rest of the family, and they are awesome! They're the
Richardson family, and the sons name is Adam. He'd been less active
for years living with his mom on the military base in Virginia (his
dad that just moved here was in the Army National Guard) and was even getting
ready to join the military (he's my age) But the first Sunday he was
here, something amazing happened! He woke up and told himself, "I'm
going to get ready for church." When he got done, he went around the
rest of the house and found that everyone else was asleep! So he
figured he would just go change back and get some more sleep, but
instead a voice told him to go and wake everyone up to go to church,
and he did! And the services for him were exactly what he needed, he
told us that it was like the spirit just kept putting people directly
in his path that he needed to hear. He walked into church that morning
unsure if any of it was even true, and walked out by the end of the
day wanting to talk to the bishop about serving a mission! The kid is a
stud, with a solid testimony, and was perfect for our lesson with
Shane. We also were able to teach the stop smoking lesson to Amanda
with the Swanks, they're an older couple who used to be the vehicle
coordinators when I first came out, they moved to Kingwood recently
and still go out with the missionaries to teach the stop smoking
lessons, and they are awesome too! Elder Swank used to smoke three and
a half packs a day, and Sister Swank used to smoke two and a half,
until the missionary's got a hold of them and helped them out. They were
taught the same stop smoking lesson that they teach out here 15 years
ago, and they haven't wanted a cigarette since. We taught her the lesson
on Wednesday, and she hasn't had a cigarette since then! She is
progressing smoothly, she even brought her two sons to
church yesterday, and they loved it! Her oldest is 16 and her younger
son is 11, and she also has a little 2 year old daughter that stayed
home. We were able to get the two sons a baptismal date for the 13,
the same day as their mom, amazing things are happening and it's all
the spirits fault!
That's about it for this week, I hope y'all keep the Lord first in
your life, I know that if you do, you'll never go wrong, I sure do
love y'all!
-Elder Murdock
Texas Bar B Que

P Day

Kingwood Zone Conference

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