Monday, August 22, 2016

Another Good, Wet Week in Texas

Hello Everybody.  I hope y'all have been doing well this past week. 
Ours was a little slower after the baptism, just trying to find more
people to teach, but it was still a good one. 
Oh yeah, also, transfers are happening today, and me and Elder Niemann
are still together! We are also getting some new Spanish Elders in our
district who'll be living in our apartment complex, so that should be
fun. It's looking like it'll be a good transfer, even though I'm
killing elder Niemann (don't worry, I won't actually kill him, it just
means I'll be his last companion).
We also helped a family, the Cranes, move out of the Humble ward on
Tuesday in a massive rain storm. Us, the Humble Elders and Sister
missionaries were the only ones helping them out. The Cranes actually
got baptized on Saturday right after Amanda. The Sisters taught them
all the lessons in like, two days! They were in a hurry because they
had to move to Utah a few days after their baptism, which is what we
were helping them do. They have three little kids who were all
adorable, the mom was from South Africa and called them all her
Angels, and they were!
Other than all that we had a rather plain week, but I got lots of
pictures for y'all, I hope that makes up for it! I hope y'all have a
fantastic week, I sure do love y'all but I love the Lord more, he's
done so much for me, it's so wonderful to be a part of his work.
Elder Murdock
Into the Storm

Elder Murdock and Elder Niemann

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