Monday, July 25, 2016

Good Week in Atascocita

To start, my week in Atascocita has been a good one, no complaints. We
did have to trade off one of our investigators to the Spanish
missionaries, but she'll be in good hands with them. Some more good
news, we've got two people wanting to come and try the stop smoking
program, one of them is an investigator, t he other one is
a less active member.  It's a great thing that they
are willing to do this, I know it will help change their lives. Most of
the time this week was spent looking for people, who ended up not
being home. Those of you out on missions right now probably know what
I'm talking about! It's kinda crazy how slow time can go by during
these times, and how fast they can fly by the next!
All in all we had a good week here in Texas, I hope y'all have been
doing good and that you have a good week. I sure do love all
of you, but the Lord loves y'all more, keep your faith and trust in Him
and you'll never go wrong!
-Elder Murdock
True to the Faith 🇺🇸

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