Monday, August 8, 2016

"I am never getting a pitbull."

Hello all you wonderful sons and daughters of God! I hope y'all have
been getting along well this week, I know I had a good one, mostly
because it was my birthday on Friday, and my Texas birthday on
Saturday! Woohoo! I've been on the earth for 20 years and Texas for 1.
Time sure does fly by! So, I got an email this morning from a friend
of mine, Äldste Groberg whose been on a mission to Sweden for a year
now, and in it he made a list of things he's learned in his year as a
missionary, and I hope he doesn't mind if I steal his idea and do the
same thing! So, here's a list of things I've learned here in the great
state of Texas:
-God is really there, he's truly my father, and loves me more than I
will ever be able to know
- He loves all y'all just as much
-He's asked me to serve Him with all my heart might mind and strength,
and I've really enjoyed myself doing so!
-the keys to missionary work are love, obedience, and confidence,
fearing no one.
-Texas is absolutely by far the BEST GOSH DARN STATE IN THE WHOLE GOSH
-It also just so happens to be the most prideful state in the whole Union!
-I've come to love the people of the south and their testimonies of the Savior
-Trailer parks are a gift from God and there's a lot of fun to be had
for missionaries that go Tracting there.
-The sealing power is real and is the only way families can be together forever
-It doesn't matter what it is, if you wrap it in bacon and BBQ it, it
will end up tasting good. Even better if you deep fry it.
-The apostasy was real, is still going on, and only the truths
restored by the prophet Joseph smith and the Atonement of Jesus can
save the world from it.
-The atonement of Christ is the most beautiful and transcendent
doctrine to be found in all of our revealed truths
-The bible is an amazing book
-It's also a really confusing book
-The only reason I believe the bible is true is because we have the
Book of Mormon to back it up.
-I'm never getting a pit bull
-I love people!
-just because it's been raining for a whole day straight, doesn't mean
it's going to get any cooler, just more humid.
-Texas is really a beautiful place...
-But it would be even better with mountains!
-missionary work is the best thing anyone can do!
-Contrary to popular belief,  the Texas Houston East Mission is the
greatest mission in the church #T.H.E.Missionofthechurch
The list can go on and on, but I think that may be enough for now!
Our investigators are doing well.  We have a baptism lined up for Saturday, and another person committed! Obedience and fasting have been key to all that is going on. I sure do
love y'all but I know that I love the Lord more, and I know that He
loves everyone most of all! I guess I'll see y'all in a year or so,
until then, hope y'all stay fair ta midlin!
-Elder Murdock
Happy Birthday Elder Murdock!!

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