Thursday, April 6, 2017


I sure hope everyone's week was as good as mine, because I feel like I had a pretty darn good week, personally. The Highlight had to have been conference, nothing like hearing the inspired words of apostles and prophets of the Lord to get you feeling on top of the world. It's hard to pick favorites, but I will say that I really liked Elder Holland's talk, that one really spoke to me. President Monsen's was great, nice and simple, Read the Book of Mormon, it'll do wonders for ya! I really liked how most of the talks were on the simple points of doctrine that we need to live every day. Life can sometimes be complicated because we make them that way.  A big take away I got was to keep moving forward no matter what in life. Keep it simple, take a step back every now and then and see if there's some things that you're doing that aren't necessary, and if there's other things that you can start to do that will bring more balance. Like Elder Ballard said, ask yourself these three questions:
What is my faith in the Savior?
Is the Book of Mormon True?
Was Joseph Smith the Lord's Prophet? 
As you gain a stronger testimony of each of these, your life will be blessed beyond anything you can think of!
This week we were finally able to put Chris on a date for baptism, something we've been trying to do since Elder Crim was here! It's amazing to see how much he's changed over the course of investigating, the other day he was actually talking to a guy he works with about the plan of salvation, when just a few weeks before he was living on the streets. People can change for the better if they follow Christ!
Today elder Kent and I went with a member to a skate park, Elder Kent did some skating back home, I've never really been able to, but I finally learned how to day! We had some fun, and the member, Who's probably in his forties, was having some fun to, I'll see if i can send some videos.
I finished my monthly Book of Mormon read this week, final conclusion: It's still true. I'm starting up again in First Nephi this week for round two, I'm excited. A ponderize scripture I've got is in first Nephi 4:7, read it live it love it!
That's about it for me this week! I hope yall have a wonderful week wherever you are, until next week, 
Elder Murdock
True to the faith. 
Louisiana Bayou

Blessings of a mission-being able to skate!

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