Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 91

Hey everybody! I hope things are going great for y'all back home, we had quite the week out here in Louisiana! On our last p-day we went mini golfing with a bunch of wild animals, it was quite thrilling, then on Tuesday we got to drive into Texas again for a zone conference/interviews with president Drake, that went really well, I always really like those, they are always really spiritually energizing. The assistants did a segment on preach my gospel and the promises it gives us as we study, apply and evaluate from it, they even had President Hinkley come in to give a little testimony on it, it was great. 

We were also able to teach James again this week, he's still doing great. Friday we had an exchange with Elder Swallow our zone leader, and it went really well! He was trained by elder ker, so we swapped stories about him for a bit, I cant believe it's already been a year since I was with that guy, last I heard he got married, I'm happy for him! Anyway, back to the exchange, Elder Swallow has a real happy way of teaching, something I sometimes forget about. Elder Swallow told us later that this is the best thing that our investigators will ever hear in their lives, so we should be happy about it! Woohoo! He also talked to us about how missionary work is an extension to the atonement, he explained it in a way i'd never really thought of before, and it makes a lot of sense. 

 Things have been going really good here, we had all of our lessons work out fine on Friday and it was great! Then on Saturday all of them fell through, but it was still great because we were able to still get out and work! Such is mission life. Also, happy Easter everyone! I hope yall had a good one, all the talks in sacrament meeting were on the Atonement, and I was lucky enough to play viola with the primary and youth. I'd just like to say that the Atonement is real, Christ really did perform it all those years ago, and I know that He lives today to help us in anything that we stand in need of. I've felt the truth of that come to me again and again as I've been serving out here, and I hope all of you have been able to feel it in your own lives. 

This week, while visiting our recent converts, ,George, their son, shared with us his favorite scripture, which is 2 Nephi 2:24, and I thought it was so good that I've made it this weeks ponderize scripture, read it live it love!
I sure do love yall, and I love the Lord even more than that! I hope yall had a good easter celebrating Him, till next week, 
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Mini Golf

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