Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 90

Hey y'all! 
It's been a great week for me out here in Louisiana, we were able to do a lot of good work, we went to the temple to do some baptisms, we found a really cool new investigator, all good stuff. 

 On Saturday we were looking for one of the sister's old investigators who's fallen out of contact. We hadn't felt prompted to go try her in a while because of how hard it was to contact her, but that day we just felt like we needed to try her, so we drove out to the address we have for her in area book, and we didn't find her, she's apparently been moved out for a while now, which explains why we can't get a hold of her, but! The man who owns the home now, James, was so ready to hear the message of the restoration! He's been catholic his whole life, he was raised by his grandma, who was a nun (not sure how that works out) and he's been to catholic priest school, Baptist theology college, and has studied many other religions, and just hasn't felt like any of it's really fully true. He's apparently been praying for some answers, and of course we show up at his door! We went back yesterday and taught a restoration lesson, and he's accepted the Book of Mormon as God's word, and is excited to read it. It's been amazing to me, to see the miracles God has for all of us as we follow the spirit, it just makes me want to keep doing better each day, and keep serving diligently, I guess that's how faith is grown, by relying on the lord, listening and following His spirit, then seeing the miracles that come from it. It's wonderful! 

We also got to go to the temple again on Saturday for a ward mission/recent convert baptismal trip. It was really nice to go there again, there's always revelation to be had at the temple! 

As a companionship, we've been talking together about the atonement, and how and why it's necessary, and we've had some good discussions about mercy and justice and all that. We were studying a lot out of Alma 34, which is one of my favorite chapters in the book, so I'll be taking alma 34:15 as my ponderize scripture for this week. I just know that, because of Christ and His Infinite love that He has for all of us, we can repent, we can change, and we can then be in a position to help others do the same. 

I sure do love yall! but I love the Lord even more than that. Keep studying about HIm, living like Him, and you'll be amazed at the miracles you'll see!

Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Lunch with Kingwood Zone Leaders

Temple Trip

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