Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another Week

Hey ho everyone! Elder Murdock the missionary here! This has been a
great week, I hope y'alls has been good too!
The highlight of this week was baptizing Georgette and her two kids,
George and Katelyn. They were being taught by the sisters before hey
left. At the time they were being taught, they were living in the same
complex as the missionaries, and Katelyn was living up with some
family in Shreveport, so she didn't sit in on the lessons with them.
Right around the time the sisters left, they moved further down to a
trailer in the country part of Lake Charles, so Katelyn could 
keep living with them, so Elder Kent and I were able to teach her and
the family the lessons again (never a bad thing).It's been wonderful
to see the Lord's hand in this work, and to see this great family come
into the church, I'm just glad I had the privilege of being here to
help them! At the beginning of the transfer we were having a hard time
getting a hold of them for lessons and things, but we really started
working hard with them when a young sister in the ward stepped in and fellowshiped them 
like crazy.
Stoney is the dad of the group, he's a great guy with a great testimony who's not quite
ready for baptism yet, but we'll get him there! He's also wrestled a
few gators in his day, he's great. All I know is, if it wasn't for the
Lords help, they probably wouldn't have been baptized this week, it's
been great!
Most of the week was taken up with getting them ready for baptism, but
we did have a nice break on Wednesday when we went to the temple as a
zone. It was so nice to go back into Houston, especially to do some
ordinances in the temple. There's a whole lot of spirit you can feel
in there, I tell you what! Really, if any of you feel like you need
revelation, or peace, focus more on attending the temple, or even just
going around and visiting the grounds, it's the Lords house, and His
spirit is there!
In my Book of Mormon reading, I just got to 3 Nephi, in chapter 11,
when Christ comes and visits the people here. In verses 10 and 11, he
shares the first and most important things he can to the people, that
he was Jesus Christ, and that he suffered the will of the Father in
all things. He did that by tanking upon himself all of our sins,
trials, bad times, everything! If that's the first and most important
things Christ could have done, then it's probably the most important
thing we can do too, to obey the will of the father in our lives, to
love others as Christ loves them, and help lift their burdens as well.
So, I'm making 3 Nephi 11:11 my ponderize scripture this week! Read it
live it love it!
I sure do love y'all, but I love the Lord even more than that! He can
help you through anything you need, so just trust Him!
Elder Murdock

True to the Faith

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