Monday, July 11, 2016

Crazy Week

Hello Hello everyone! I hope y'all have had a real nice week, because
mine was crazy! Just yesterday we were talking to a couple who were
outside griping over something. When we asked what the matter was the
young wife just looked over to her husband and said, "go ahead and
tell them why your day is so bad." He just shook his head, took a puff
on his cigarette, and said, "I lost $60 worth of weed today" and his
wife nodded and, and we told him you'd probably save a whole lot of
money if you didn't buy weed in the first place! Anyway, we had a nice
conversation with them, the guy was just a little upset about his
The real crazy happened on Thursday, during what we call Hour of Power.
 So, me and elder Niemann were out knocking
a trailer park (my favorite place to knock!) when we knocked a house
where a young lady answered the door. She was politely telling us to come
back another time when a loud voice from inside started calling out,
asking if we were Jehovah's Witnesses, we said no, we're Mormons, and
he said good! , Y''all come on in! 
It ended up being quite a scene with a few drunk people discussing religion. The only sober one in the room was the young lady who answered the door.  We have a return appointment with her.
Before it ended they starting talking politics, asking loudly "WHO ARE
HILLARY OR TRUMP?! DON'T YOU LIE TO ME!!" We just sorta sat there
like, uhh but we don't really talk about politics! It was a crazy place.
But here's where the real miracle happened: we left the
crazy drunk house and started walking back to our car, and as we were
opening the doors a little Hispanic lady peeked her head out of the
trailer door that was in front of our car, probably wondering who we
were, so we went up and talked to her, her name is Fransisca, and we
were able to get in and teach a lesson to her on Saturday, where we
committed her to baptism at the end of the month! She's a sweet lady,
we also had another investigator named Amanda come to church yesterday
for the first time, she cried through the whole sacrament meeting and
stayed for the rest of the three hours! She's awesome too, we were
able to commit her to baptism as well, so things are moving right
along here in Atascocita, God works in mysterious ways!
I love you all so much, keep God first in your life always, and you'll
never lack for nothing!
Elder Murdock
Elder Murdock

Elder Niemann

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