Monday, July 18, 2016

1 Year!

Hello everybody! I hope y'all are having a good time on summer
vacation and everything, and in all Your other endeavors I hope all is
This week has been real busy, but that's the way, uh-hu uh-hu, we like
it! We spent a lot of time helping people move in and out, most of
them we had never met before. One was a lady who the sisters have been
working with who needed to move into an apartment below her current
one, and another was a lady from League city  who was moving a 700
pound 19  century baby grand piano into a storage unit. There was only
me, Elder Niemann, an Elder from the ward, and the lady's thirty year
old son to help with that, so it was fun! And we helped move other
people into other places throughout the week, but hey, I think we're
getting a new dryer out of it, so woo-hoo! We have also been working
more with our investigators. Faith, a nine year old we've been
working with, is doing great, her parents are divorced, and her mom is
just starting to come back into the church. Faith's dad is not a
member, and usually has her on the weekends, so she hasn't been able
to come to church, until yesterday! They got things worked out to
where she could come, and it was her second time there, so we just
need to finish teaching her and she'll be all set for baptism! She's
very excited, and so are we. We've also had other lessons with Amanda
and Fransisca, both of whom are coming along really well. Since
Fransisca is more of a Spanish speaker, we brought a Spanish speaking
member and her RM son to the lesson with us on Saturday, they were a
huge help, especially Sister Denny, the member. She was able to
clarify a lot for Fransisca, who is gaining a big testimony of the
church, it is so cool! Amanda is doing real well too, she's making
lots of friends in the ward and is even trying to get her 16 year old
son Dylan involved. Her husband still doesn't want anything to do with
it, but he's at least agreeing to let her be baptized, he'll come
around eventually!
But that's pretty much what's been going down this week. Shout out to
the Motley Crew down in Lake Powell this week. Be safe and have fun
y'all! Sorry I can't be there with y'all, but I know this is where the
Lord needs me, and this is what he wants me to do. I'm not sure what
Rylee has said, but I'm pretty sure it's what he wants her to be doing
too! I sure do love y'all, but I love the Lord more, I've just about
been out for a year so we're on the down hill! Stay fresh and love
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith
Elder Murdock, Elder Kerr, Elder Niemann

P Day

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