Thursday, June 2, 2016


Hello friends, 
Goodbye Baytown!
Yup, I just got the call on Saturday, I'll be meeting my new companion
and going to my new area today starting at four o clock, it's pretty
crazy! I've no idea where I'm going or who I'll be with, but I do
know it's where the Lord wants me to go. I'll sure miss Elder Ker, he
was a riot to be around, along with the other Elders. Not to mention
all the awesome members I've gotten to know in the ward! Sadly I was
never able to find any new converts here, but hey, I've planted the
seeds all over so I guess someone else is supposed to harvest them!
Ok, I'll try and send a bigger email later, I'm about to be
transferred love y'all!
True to the Faith

Elder Murdock emailed this to us later on Monday evening:
Hello again! I'll make this quick, I'm now back in the 
Kingwood zone in a place called Atascocita. My new companion is my old zone leader Elder Niemann, I think we should be doing some really good work! I've got some more stories to tell, but I'm 

running out of time.  Love you all lots.
Elder Murdock
Elder Murdock and Elder Niemann

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