Monday, June 20, 2016

"God Bless"

Howdy y'all from Houston Texas, yeeehhhaaaaw! I hope y'all have had a
good week, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers reading this, a lot
happened this week that was really good, so here we go!
On Tuesday we went to go see a less active member who has been getting
back into the church with a friends help in the ward, we had seen her
before just to drop off a Book of Mormon and a bible for her, but this
time we taught her a little lesson. In the middle of the lesson we ask
what her nine year old daughter, who was there, thought about all
this, and she straight up asked "when can I be baptized?" Which is
absolutely music to any missionaries ears, no matter who says it! So
we are going to set up a baptism for her, her mom is now coming to
church, things are looking good for them, and they are the Slay
family, if any of y'all were wondering.
Not too long after that, Elder Nieman and I were driving around
Huffman, which is part of our area, to another appointment, and we
were stopped at a red light. All of a sudden a scruffy looking guy on
a bicycle came riding up to the driver side window (I was driving) and
knocks on it! Right in the middle of the road! So me, being the
gullible guy I am, decide to role down the window a little, and he
starts to grumble out "Mormon missionaries!" By this time we both
noticed he was holding a beer can in one of his hands, but by then the
light turned green and I stammered out a God bless, and we got
ourselves out of there faster than a baptist in a street contact!
Elder Nieman thought it was a guy who had yelled at him and his
previous companion a few weeks before. But hey, come Sunday morning,
guess who came to church? The old scruffy drunk bicycle guy! Except
not so scruffy or drunk, but he still had rode his bike to church. It
turns out that he's been investigating the
church for over ten years now! He's a real funny guy, and he knows a
TON of church history and doctrine and stuff, and he loves it! He even
said his favorite president was Wilford Woodruff! When we asked him
why he didn't get baptized, his answer was D&C 89. He can't stop drinking
coffee and beer. But hey, I think we might just be able to help him
with that and get this guy baptized!
That's about it for this week, I'm doing good myself, just loving the
work. Me and Elder Nieman are getting along real well, the ward here
is great, there's a family called the Haley's that love us a bunch,
they're taking good care of us, so don't worry! I sure do love y'all.
Keep God first in your life and all else that comes after will be
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

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