Monday, May 23, 2016

Mormons! Mooorrrmonns!

Hello family and friends! This has been an exciting week, I got to
meet another Quorum of the Seventy, who actually spoke in General Conference
this last April, Elder Snow (loved his talk on humility). I got to play
viola in Sunday school again, and I got my first kiss as a missionary!
Ok, before y'all freak out about that last one, I should explain, it's
actually a cool story, so here you go:
Elder Ker and I were biking home through a park when all of a sudden
this woman  in her late thirties comes running out of a gazebo yelling
"Mormons! Mormons! Mooorrrrmonnns!" We were like, what's with this
lady? We stopped and she started talking, a lot! She told us how her
and her husband (who was still in the gazebo with another guy who had
bought them a pizza) were living out of their van, which had just
broken down next to the library, and they need a little bit of cash to
fix a part on it. I had a couple dollars in my wallet I gave to her,
and she was so excited and happy about it, she told us how a few
minutes before she had been praying for God to send them some of his
angels to help, and then we showed up! In fact, she said she was so
happy that she could kiss us, and she did! Right on our cheeks, so I
think it's ok, we probably won't get in too much trouble for it ;)
We also had zone conferences on Thursday here in Baytown with Elder
Snow from the seventy, that went really well. He's a great guy and
apparently an old childhood friend of President Drakes.
I guess that's about all I need to tell y'all, just remember to put
the Lord first and watch out for opportunities to help others, some
times they'll come running and shouting right up to you and smooch ya
right on the cheek so you got to be careful! I sure do love y'all!
Elder Murdock
True To The Faith
Elder Murdock

Zone Conference

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