Monday, June 6, 2016

New Area-Atascocita

Hello all you wonderful people! Things here in Texas have been great!
I'm in a new area called Atascocita, and it has been WET this last
week! I'm pretty sure it's rained everyday this week. If it was like
this in Utah the whole valley would be a lake right now. Legit. I'm
serving around a lake again, Lake Houston, and it's crazy! The water
from the lake was all the way up past these picnic tables on the
shore, it had gotten all up into the people's back yards, right up to
their homes, and it's only just recently gone down. But I love serving
around another lake. We go over a big bridge to get to most of our
appointments and it's beautiful! It reminds me a lot of my first area
in Onalaska.  My new companion is great too, he's actually one of my
first zone leaders, now he's serving as district leader here. It's
kinda funny, my area is right next to Kingwood, the place I spent a
week serving at the beginning of my mission, and also where the
mission office is. It's bringing back a lot of memories of when I was
a greenie! It's fun to see how far I've come though, and how far I've
got left to go. Also, this area is way richer than my last couple
areas, except for one little part of it called Huffman, that's more
country. We get a car here, too! Which is fine by me, I could use a
little break from biking, and my bike can too, my pedal fell off the
last week in Baytown, so I think that was a sign!  Anyway, I love this
new area, the ward is great, the people here all seem really nice, the
whole town is a flipping FOREST with houses between all the trees,
and the rain is so cool to watch. My companion is awesome too, his
name is Elder Nieman, (like knee-man) he's as tall as me, only has
three transfers left, and is a dang hard worker, we've done so much
this week, it's great! It's so cool how on a mission, you just get
dumped into this new place and immediately you've got a ton of new
friends, I love it! We are the only missionaries in the ward here, but
there are two other wards in the building, so we have three total
companionships in the district, it feels kinda like I'm back in Utah
with all these wards! That's about it for me this week, I'll try to
stay afloat with all this flooding, don't worry! I love you all, but I
know the Lord loves y'all more, so trust in him in all that you do and
you'll be fine!
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Elder Murdock and Elder Nieman were in a Memorial Day Parade

Didn't have any big bowls so they made some!

New Haircut

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