Monday, June 13, 2016

New Investigators

Howdy everyone! This was a good week for Elder Murdock and Elder Niemann in Atascocita. Things here are looking good! 
This week started out good, we met a lady during hour of power on Tuesday, she told us she was a "bathed in the blood born again Christian." We were just walking by and she came out to talk to us a little, she was curious about what we believe in, but she ended up just talking about herself and a book she's reading right now. It turns out she used to be a gang banger of some sort, but now that she's saved she just writes Christian rap. We gave her a talk to read and we both went our separate ways, UNTIL ON SATURDAY NIGHT she started texting us like crazy with all these Mormon questions, just dumb stuff like polygamy and stuff, and she wouldn't stop, and by the way she was texting, we could tell she'd been drinking some fun juice. But it ended well, we just tried to be as polite as possible, and she ended up calling us her little Mormon brothers, I'm not sure what we're going to do with her, we'll just have to see :) 
Something really cool that happened this week though! There's a part member family in the ward, the husband is not a member but the wife's a convert of two years now, she is WAY excited about he church and is trying so hard to get her husband into it as well. They've been struggling a little bit recently, and the husband has never really had faith in God, and hasn't ever really had a good experience with church, but we went over to their house on Saturday for dinner, and by the end of the night the wife suggested that we all fast to help them as a family, and to help her husband see Gods love. So we fasted the whole rest of the night, and through Sunday as well. We went back over Sunday evening to break the fast with them, and when we asked the wife how it went, she told us that she didn't think it worked for him. They were at church, but her husband just didn't feel anything again. So Elder Niemann asked If her husband had ever taken the missionary lessons before, and it turns out he hadn't! He'd never let he missionaries teach him, but we ended up getting a return appointment with him this next week to start the lessons! And that is the unexpected answer we got from the fast! God really does listen to our prayers, and so long as we do our part, our Father in Heaven will bless us so much! I sure do love y'all, and I hope this next week will be a good one for ya! 
Elder Murdock
PS Happy Birthday Weston! You're the best brother in the world! 

Basketball on PDay

Elder Murdock

Flooding from Lake Houston

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