Monday, May 2, 2016

Investigators and Humidity

Hello everybody! I hope y'all are doing alright, things are still good
down here in Texas. I was a little sick still this week, along with
others in the district.  But hey, the work goes on!
So, while we haven't been able to meet many of our investigators
lately, either because they weren't home, or they dropped us (that was
mostly what happened) and we haven't had a solid investigator to go to
for a while, we've been praying for the Lord to send us SOMEONE to
teach, and you know? The Lord heard us! Of course He did! He knows all
that we need! This last week we received  a total of 8 new potential
investigators to try, and at least four of them sound like they will
go somewhere! It's amazing, I've got good feelings about this week,
starting off with a miracle like that!
So, on Saturday me and Elder Ker, along with the other elders went
back to a family in the ward's house.  We are helping them
fix their flooring. We took out their kitchen and hallway floor, and
 one of their bathtubs. It took all day, but the family was nice
enough to give us lunch AND dinner! It was so nice of them to do, we
were all very grateful.  It felt good working in that way again. It
reminded me of helping dad out all the time, especially when we went
to Home Depot and got a huge load of ply wood to move into their
house, I've had a lot of experience with that! Also, Dad, be thankful
that Utah isn't as humid as this place, we were sweating buckets the
whole time we were unloading the wood, it's nuts!
That's about it for me. A ward member took all the pictures of us
helping out, so I'll have to get them to y'all next week, I sure do
love y'all, have a great week!
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

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