Monday, May 16, 2016

Crawfish Boils and Spanish

Howdy y'all! 
 I hope y'all have been doing good back home, enjoying the nice spring weather. It's pretty
wet here right now, but most of the week was awesome! Especially on
Tuesday, that was a good day. I went on my first exchange into
Spanish, me and Elder Hasson.  He just got here from the MTC a few
weeks ago. It was kinda funny sitting in on Spanish lessons, I had no
idea what was being said, but hey, we all felt the Spirit and two of
the Spanish Elders investigators now have a baptismal date set for the
28! I tried to pitch in a few phrases, like, Hola, come estas and
stuff, but hey, I've been called as an English missionary, so I was
just sorta along for the ride! But Elder Hasson did great, he's gonna
do fine out here. We also all got to go to a crawfish boil on Tuesday.
All the missionaries in the district were invited! I was so excited for it. It was my
first big boil since I've been out, and man was it good! A less active
in the ward named Brother Carol cooked them all up for us, real nice
and spicy, it was delicious! It reminded me of when dad would talk
about all the boils he had in Louisiana. Now I'll get to tell my kids
one day! Ha! Kinda funny, anyway, the rest of the week was good. I got
a new hat and Elder Ker got a new pair of work/cowboy boots because
his other service shoes gave up the ghost, he seriously just walked
right out of them! But I guess that's what happens to shoes at the end
of missions. We also had a lesson with Gustavo on Thursday. He's doing
good but didn't come to church! He works nights at the plants around
here, so he usually sleeps in. We might have to run over to his home
and drag him over here, he just needs to get baptized already! Ha ha,
anyway, I think he'll be fine, I'm just excited to be doing some good
work, and I hope all of you back home are doing good work too. Remember
the Lord loves you a whole lot, and is there to literally help you be
happy, so when you're feeling down, just think of him and how much he
loves you, and you'll start to feel joy in your heart, I promise!
Ok, I sure do love y'all! Have a great week,
Elder Murdock

Crawfish Boil

More Crawfish

Elder Ker and Elder Murdock


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