Monday, November 2, 2015

Racing for Book of Mormons, Halloween, and Teaching

 I hope all y'all are doing good after that earthquake. (We had a small earthquake here at home on Monday morning. It woke us up early!) I know I'm doing alright after a few tornado warnings out here, pretty crazy stuff lately I guess! It's been a really good week, we got some good stuff done and had fun doing it. On Tuesday we went out looking for people, and we stopped by to see these people we met a while back, but they weren't home. Instead, their kids were there, with some of their cousins riding bikes. We actually got to play with two of the younger kids. We played catch with a baseball a little bit, it was fun. It all started out with Moe challenging their older cousin, who was on a bike, to a race. Moe on feet, the kid on a bike.  Moe won, of course, and because he won, the kids had to take Books of Mormon from us! The younger kid,  who is about seven, invited us back the other day, but nothing really came of it, but I think we'll keep trying them out, we'll see how it goes.  Wednesday was great, we taught an 8 year old another lesson.  He is in a part member family.  His family all dressed up as opposite genders for the ward trunk or treat, and it was so funny to see them like that! I love this 8 year old! He is such a smart little guy, he's taking the lessons really well!  The rest of the week has been good, we had the sisters over to our porch for dinner on Halloween, and that was fun, we had Tongan food for Halloween! We all went as missionaries, of course.  Then just yesterday, we went back to see those kids I was talking about, and their grandma wasn't having a good day. She lives with them, and she just told us to go away. So, we decided to walk down the street a little farther and knocked on some houses. The first one we knocked on was an old couple who let us in and were nice, but just weren't interested, but they did say that their neighbor was a preacher if we wanted to talk to him. Of course we did, so we went over and knocked on his door, and, long story short, he and his whole congregation want to be baptized now! Haha, just kidding I wish. The preacher moved out not too long ago and another older gentleman lives there now, and this guy needs to be a Mormon! I'm not kidding, he doesn't drink, he loves the story of the early saints, he understands the restoration, and he's looking for a church around here where he can pay his 10% tithe! This guy is practically made for our church, I just want to keep teaching him! 
So, I took a lot of pictures this week. I think I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. I love you all so much, you're the best!
              Elder Murdock
True to the Faith
Enjoying the view

Fishing early morning on P day

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