Monday, October 26, 2015

Rain, Pugs, and Prayer

Hello everybody! Yes, I am staying dry, but just barely! It's been
raining non stop for the last two days, and it only just stopped
today! It's  crazy! It's been good though, I don't mind it that much.Thank you for the
package! The pumpkins are awesome, and Elder Moe loved
those cookies. He grabbed a couple when I first opened it and walked
off, then he came straight back and said, dang those are good, grabbed
another handful and walked off again! I'm still with him here in
Onalaska after this transfer, so I guess there's still some work we
need to do here! I'm glad, I've really gotten to love this place and
this ward, it almost feels like home! Speaking of home, I'm so happy
to hear about the wedding! Tell Libby and Drew that I am really happy for
them, and that I'm sorry I missed it!   This week we had Stake
Conference and we couldn't go to the Sunday sessions due to the rain,
but I was able to go down Saturday night with our ward mission leader
and his wife. Sister and President Drake spoke there, and a big part
of their talks was on love, and it made me think of how much love the
Savior has for each and every one of us.  It also made me think of my
mission plaque scripture,  Moroni 7:48.
 I have truly felt the power of prayer as I've served
out here, especially as I've prayed to be filled with charity.  I've
been thinking about the love of Christ a lot lately, and about how I
need to show that love to others, even more now that I'm a full time
representative of the Lord.  I hope y'all  can find that love too!
So, something funny happened this week. Our heater got turned on for
the first time by our landlady, and it was getting a little too hot
for me and Elder Moe, so I opened up or front and back doors to get a
good breeze in, then I went back to reading my scriptures at my desk.
While I was reading, I heard this really creepy grunting and snorting
noise coming from the door. At first I thought it was just Elder
Moeakiola, because he does that a lot, but I didn't see anyone there!
So I looked at the door, expecting to see a great big dog standing at
it, but instead I find this hilarious little pug with a huge nose
trying to get in through the cracked door! He actually did get in, and
waddled all around our apartment until we finally shooed him out, but
it was so funny to see this little dog with its big tongue scampering
around the apartment!
I'm doing good out here, and I'm excited for this new transfer, to see
if I get to meet any  new people, or even get a couple baptisms!
Who knows, anything can happen out here, and I can't wait to write y'all 
back about it! Keep up the good work back home, and know I love you
               Elder Murdock

True to the Faith
Stormy weather

Sneaky Pug

P Day

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