Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Heeeellllooooo everybody! Things are going really great out here!
We've got some people who say they want to be be baptized, we are
teaching more people, and having fun doing it!
There's a family out here who loves us a lot, they are really sad
about Elder Moe leaving though. Because of that, though, they've let
us eat dinner with them as much as they can.  They signed up for every
Saturday night, and other days too. The best thing about it is, the
Grandma,whose house it is, lets some of her kids live
with her, and her grandkids.  Her son in law is the one we are
teaching, so we get to teach him each time we come over.  Oh, and it's
the same family who has the kid we baptized! They are awesome,
we are going over at thanksgiving to eat desert, She makes home made
We are eating at a different families house  for thanksgiving meal.  They have a nice house
on the lake, and they are also an amazing family. I sure miss my
family though, they are probably my favorite in the whole world! I
just wanted to let you know I'm taken care of out here.
So, a whole lot of kids were outside our apartment the other day,  and we
had fun playing with them. They thought it was cool that we were
"church people". And they all wanted some bibles, and Books of Mormon.
We gave them to them, and they thought it was awesome! I'm not sure if
their parents will like them, but oh well!
That's really about it, thanks for all the pictures, it's fun to see
how y'all are doing! I'll keep working hard out here, and I hope
Thanksgiving will be good for y'all! Say hi to all the family!
I love you guys,
Elder Murdock

True to the Faith

At the church on PDay!

Teaching a lesson!

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