Monday, August 17, 2015

Onalaska Texas-First area

Hello Everybody!! Things are going good in Texas!  I finally got to my new area in Onalaska and we are  in fact opening it.  This area hasn't had Elder missionaries in it for a long time.  This town is great! I am at my ward mission leaders house right now, the Poffs, and you can look right out over the lake from here.  It's beautiful!  Since we've only been here a few days all we've been doing so far is paper work and meet with a few inactive members.  The ward has 400 members or so, but only 100 are active.  So we have a lot of work to do.  It's exciting!!  My companion is doing good.  He's a funny guy, Elder Moeakiola.  Every now and then I will hear him do the Hakka in the shower.
We haven't had many investigators yet, but we have had some prayers with people.  I was in my first prayer circle with a Methodist lady the other day.   It was a new experience.  We had caught her as she was just coming out of her cabin down by the lake and we asked her if she needed a prayer.  She said yes and that her daughter was in the hospital. So we prayed for her, but that was all the time she had for us. It was pretty cool to pray for her though.
Well, things are pretty good out here. I ate an oxtail my first night out here.  It was kinda weird at first, but it tasted real good!  Our apartment is nice, it seems pretty old though.  It's big.  It actually has two bedrooms!  We keep our bikes in the extra room.
Apparently they get all kinds of creepy crawly things out here, like scorpions and stuff. But don't worry I haven't seen any yet.
I want you to know that I'm doing the Lord's work, and it's good work.  Give yourself up to the Lord and He will take care of you!  I love you all.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
Love, Elder Murdock

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