Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Email from Texas!

Hello Everyone!
Let me tell you what is going on!  To answer moms questions, my companions name is Elder Moekiaola and he is a cool Togan.  He's got one of the strongest testimonies around and he was actually trained by Colbey Brewer from Springville who was apparently one of the best missionaries in this mission!  So I think I'll have a good time with Elder Moekiola, he's really chill, and a hard worker, just a good guy all around. My first area is up in Onalaska, in Livingston.  Apparently it is the prettiest part of the mission with a ton of work being done.  Right now I'm still in Kingwood by the mission offices. Elder Moeakiola and I are sharing an apartment with Elders Erikson and Lawrence until they find us a place to live in our new area.  We are all actually on splits with each other right now. I've been going out tracking with Elder Erikson these past few days because neither Moeakiola or myself know where we're going around here.  It's been a lot of fun!  While Elder Erikson and I were out tracking we came across an older woman who was baptized a member around 8 but fell away at 18.  We found her out in her garage drinking a beer and we pulled our bikes over and asked if we could pray with her and leave a few blessings with her.  She said "sure, I could use a few blessings right now!"  So we sat down and talked with her for a while, she drank another beer, smoked another cigarette and told us her situation.  Her husband had left her recently and she was pretty upset and down. Then we show up to ask if she needs any blessings?!.  This work is crazy, and I think she really needed those blessings right then!  We also got her to come with us to church this last Sunday. We sat next to her and it was pretty cool.  The work is going good here, I'm thinking about y'all back home, but I know y'all are doing great anyway!  The church is true, and the Lord loves you.  I can't wait to tell you more of my adventures out here in the Texas Houston East Mission. I love you all! Stay True to the Faith!

Elder Moeakiola, Elder Erikson (middle), Elder Lawrence (in back), Elder Murdock and Lizard!

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