Monday, August 24, 2015

Chicken, Singing Baptists, and a Temple Trip

Hello Everyone!
To answer some of mom's questions yes we have a car in our area.  It's WAY too big of an area not to have one.  And yes I am eating well!  I am eating a lot of chicken, fried, baked, glazed, bbq, all kinds. I'm also eating pasta, potatoes, BBQ and whatever else the members can feed us.  But mostly chicken! It's great!
My favorite part about being a missionary so far is meeting all kinds of people of all faiths.  They love to talk about Jesus.
The other day me and Elder Moeakiola were just finishing up handing out a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet to a family out in the woods.  It was about 8:00 in the evening  and we were about to get  in our car when I looked down the street and saw a light on in a big house.  We decided to walk over and knock.  As we were walking up to the house I could hear an old piano playing.  I got real excited because I love music!  When we knocked we could hear a lot of people saying things like "who is that?" and "why are they using that door?"  The door was answered by a little old lady sitting in a folding  chair next to the piano with about eight other old people sitting around it as well.  Apparently these people get together each week to sing hymns around the piano and never use the front door so they were all surprised when they saw us at the door.  They let us in real quick and told us to get a hymn book and sing with them.  We hadn't even told them who we are yet!  So we sung a song with them and I asked them what they were all doing.  They told us they were all members of a Baptist Church and they like to get together and sing.  I told them that we're Mormon missionaries and we like to sing too!  Elder Moe then looked at me with a face like "we do?" It was funny!  So we sat and sang with the Baptists for a while. We sang a lot of old southern hymns that I had never heard of and a few that I had heard of (Come Thou Fount sounds strange when sung by a bunch of old Baptists!) I  I even got to share Helaman 5:12 with them and they all liked it.  They all agree that we need to build upon the rock of Christ.  I didn't tell them where I was reading from and an old gentleman asked where that scripture was from.  I told him the Book of Mormon. He sort of sat back and said hmm with a funny look on his face.  When we asked them if they wanted to hear anymore about what we teach they all in unison said "NO," but in a polite way.  So we told them God bless and have a nice night and went on our way laughing the whole way bock to our car.  It sure made me feel like I'm truly down in the Heart of Dixie!
I love you.  I am grateful every day that I can be out here serving the Lord.  As long as you put all of your faith and trust in Him you will never fail.
Love, Elder Murdock

Elder Murdock and Moeakiola at the Houston Temple

At a members house with a cool sword collection!

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