Monday, October 10, 2016


Hello everyone! I sure hope yall have been having a great couple of weeks. Sorry I wasn't able to send an email last week, the day was hectic, going to Kingwood for transfers, saying goodbye to Elder Niemann and other Missionaries that I knew, and getting a brand new greenie straight from Provo... yeah, last Monday was nuts! 

Some more big news, the mission split the Atascocita area in two, so now there are missionaries that serve out in Huffman, which means they stole our car and most of our investigators, too! But it's all good, I don't mind being back on my bike, me and Elder Harmon (the greenie) are having lots of fun biking all day. The new Missionaries that are serving in Huffman are Elder Souza and Elder Hansen, the same Elder Hansen that was my companion back in Baytown! he's the district leader now, and its been great to be serving around him again, he's just a great guy! 

A little back ground on the new guy, Elder Harmon: he's from West Jordan, Utah, is the second of a family of 5, he's been to Europe a few times for a folk dance group that he was a part of. He's an absolute ham! We are already getting along really well, he is just so excited to be here serving, and is ready to bear down and go to work. I can already tell that this is going to be a great couple of transfers!
As for whats been going on in the area, its a little wonky now that we have less people to focus on, but that just means we can give more attention to the investigators that we had in the Atascocita area. Its probably the smallest area I've had yet, but there are tons of people here, as well as some amazing members to help out, so it should be good!

That's about it for this week, sorry I wasn't able to give some thoughts on conference from two weeks ago, to keep it brief; it was amazing, I felt the spirit, and my favorite talks were Elder Bednar's and the one which told us to be "Ambitious for Christ". I know that as we stay ambitious for Christ, we will never go wrong. I love you all, I love this church, I know that Christ stands at the head of it, stay close to him y'all, He wont let you down!
Elder Murdok
True to the Faith

Elder Harmon and Elder Murdock

Got caught in a rain storm!

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