Monday, April 4, 2016

Service and General Conference

Hello Everyone! This week has been a good one. General Conference was really good, except I wasn't able to see the first two sessions on Saturday because we were in Dewyville for most of the day doing service for a family whose home got flooded in the past storms.  We were able to listen to some of it on the radio though. It reminded me of doing work back home listening to Conference, bailing hay and fixing water pipes. It was really nice to do the service for the family.  The flood had gotten up to about two feet in their house, so there was a lot to throw out. We ripped out most of their walls and all of their flooring. It was really humbling to see so many people's stuff sitting outside of their stripped down homes. It's like their entire lives are just sitting out on their front lawns for everyone to see. It made me feel very blessed to have had such a good life. I feel even more blessed to be able to help others in need. It's really something to come out and see so many members of our church dressed in the helping hands shirts, and so many other people helping out side by side. It really makes me glad to be a part of such an amazing organization.

So, conference was amazing! From what I got from yesterday and the priesthood session was:
1. Do temple work. As often as you can, go to the temple. When you can't go to the temple or aren't in the temple, think of the blessings we receive from the temple. Try continually to be worthy to go to the temple.  For me, I really need to focus on helping others get ready to make the important covenants in the temple. Pretty much, the temple is an extremely important place, and we should try to live our lives with a focus on the temple. 

2. We need to realize how important and how special the Priesthood is. We have in this church the only true and authoritative power that comes directly from God. We need to respect this trust that God has given us. It is a privilege to hold this power, so we need to live and behave in a way that we can all be blessed by it. If we don't, then we wont be any better off than someone that has never heard of it. Knowing this makes me want to become a better man of God, and it should cause all of you to feel the same (in your own respective genders :) ).  

Well, that's about it for this week, I'm going to do my best to keep testifying everyday that this is true. I sure do love y'all, have a good week!
Elder Murdock
True to the faith

Service in the flooded area of Deweyville

Debris on the side of the road from flooded homes

More Service
Baytown District

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