Monday, March 21, 2016

Crashing and Teaching

Hello all you lovely people out there! It was good to here from you guys about the  Provo City Center Temple. It looks amazing! I wish I could have gone too. Oh well, there will be more temples!
This week has been pretty nuts. It started out with me riding my bike into a pole on the way to help someone move out of their house. It was pretty gnarly! I was just riding along enjoying being a missionary, when out of the blue this pole jumps out at me and knocks me off my bike! It made the loudest BANG, it sounded just like a gong or something, and I just flew through the air over the handle bars. I'm fine though, only a little scraped up, but I left a big ole dent in the pole! 
We got to meet this amazing lady and her family just yesterday, we've met with her before. She is an older lady who is interested in what we have to teach, she even takes notes during our lessons! Her family is great too, they are all good Christian people. We are going to keep teaching them!
We have been trying really hard lately to find some new people to teach, us and the other missionaries in the district. Baytown is full of people, I'm sure some of them are interested in the gospel. I've been thinking a lot lately on the importance of the Book of Mormon.  It really is the foundation of our religion. Without this book, the world would still be completely lost, still thinking up this and that, never able to find truth anywhere. By reading the Book of Mormon prayerfully, you will come closer to Christ.  You will be able to more fully enjoy life. Life is best enjoyed when you know true diamond facts, and that is what the Book of Mormon gives. Rely upon it, rely upon your testimony of it.  If you do not have a testimony of it, get one! If you do not have a Book of Mormon, GET ONE! By relying upon and living the lessons taught inside, you will be able to feel the peace the Spirit brings, and the Joy that Christ can give. 
I sure do love y'all, keep on keeping on!
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith 

Elder Murdock posing by the pole that "jumped" out in front of him!

Elders in Baytown District

An oil well somewhere in Baytown.

Dry wall mud from doing some service. I can't decide if he is really good at it, or really bad!
 Is it normal to get the mud all over you?

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