Monday, March 7, 2016

Biking in Baytown

Hello everybody! This week has been good! I've enjoyed getting to know
Elder Ker, and we have just been getting out and working hard. The
craziest part is we have to bike clear down to the end of our area
just about everyday, but that's probably a good thing, keeps us
healthy. It's funny that you asked about the ward, because I felt like
I should tell y'all about it this week. The ward is really great, it's
a good mix of old and young people. The bishops name is Bishop Jeeter,
no relation to Derek, and the members are all really nice. The ward
mission leader is Brother Files, and he is a hoot! He is very excited
when he talks, and really excited about missionary work and golf. He
loves golf. 
My favorite thing up to this point is when we have been out all day
and I just know that we worked our best because of how tired we both
are. It's a good feeling because you know that energy was spent serving
The most frustrating thing is having to deal with other people's
agency, like when they make bad choices. But that's just life, so I
guess this is a good time to learn how to deal with it.
Elder Ker is doing good, we have fun together. He carries around a
little bit of line and a hook to try a little fishing wherever we go. He
actually reminds me a lot of Evan Bond. He grew up in a small little
town in Idaho called Ririe. He loves hunting and fishing, he lived on
a farm and has worked on it his whole life, he's a great guy. Well, we are
starting a game of volleyball right now, so I'll talk to y'all next
week, sure do love y'all!
-Elder Murdock

True to the Faith

Elder Murdock and Elder Ker

Somewhere in Baytown Texas

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