Monday, March 14, 2016

Baytown Water Holes

Well howdy everybody! This week has been good. We ate a huge sandwich, got some good new investigators, caught a crab, and had a fun time doing it all.  I'm not sure if I have any big story this week, so I guess I'll talk more on how the ward is here in Baytown, and how the new district is doing. 
The ward here is great, the members are always wanting to help us out, and there is even a family from Springville here! I can't quite remember their names right now, but the mom and dad both graduated from SHS, and both were in the music program there.  They knew Dr. Tsugaua and Mrs. Crocket. I'll have to get their names for ya'll, maybe somebody would know them.  The ward mission leader, Brother Files, is really nice, he is super energetic about the work, and the Bishop is young and happy to help too.  
Baytown is quite the place, and to be here with a fishing nut is pretty fun. The area I work in is right in between a couple of major roadways, with tons of houses everywhere, along with apartment complexes and stuff. There's always traffic, but biking isn't too bad if you just pay attention.  Like I said, this place is fun with a fishing nut for a comp, because there's tons of little water ways to throw a line in, which he does a lot.  He's got a spool of heavy duty fishing line with a hook on the end at all times in his backpack, and he will always take it out and try to find a worm or something to catch fish with.  Like right now even, he's telling me, "we need to find a way to catch fish out of storm drains Murdock!" He's awesome, he caught a turtle the other day with a pepperoni from a pizza we were all eating as a district.  He even caught a crab in a small water way we had to cross to find a referral, then put the little guy in his shirt pocket and used it to contact a guy who was mowing his lawn, we're going back to him tonight to teach him, it's pretty great!  I sure do love ya'll, and I know the Lord loves you more, so turn to Him in all that you do, and he will help you with anything.  We all have a Heavenly Father, and He's always waiting to hear from you, no matter where you are or what you're doing!
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Water Hole in Baytown

District in Baytown

Elder Ker 

Huge sandwich.  Elder Murdock said he got through two thirds of it!

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