Monday, February 22, 2016

Haircuts and Trying to Teach

Hello wonderful friends and family!
It sure is rainy here today. Right now I'm sitting in a members beauty
salon about to get a much needed hair cut. It's gotten to the point
where President and Sister Drake were giving me funny looks at Zone
Conference this past week, just kidding but it is pretty long, and it ends today! The
work out here in Baytown is still going good, this week was a little
rough, but some parts were hilarious. Like on Tuesday, me and Elder
Allen were on exchanges and we decided to go over to an investigators
house. Well, we found him and his cousin sitting outside on their lawn
smoking a joint.  That was somewhat discouraging, but we still decided
to talk to them. The investigator was pretty quiet, but his cousin had a lot to
say. It turns out his name is, and I might get this kinda wrong, but
it's "Shaun abinab zip bob Aunch didilywoo rasma" we just called him
Shaun. He believes in a lot of crazy stuff and I don't think the weed was helping. 
But I didn't come to Texas to hear people preach false doctrine (even though it
seems like that some days) but I came to teach true doctrine. So, I
looked around as he was speaking falsehoods for something good to do,
and I saw a girl leaning out their door doing the little finger swirl
next to her head  showing how crazy she thought Shaun was, and
she just stood there laughing quietly to herself as Shaun kept going.
Well, I decided that I didn't want to listen to Shaun anymore, so
right in the middle of the barrage of bull  I walked over to the
girl in the door to talk to her about setting up a time we could come
by and teach her. It scared Elder Allen half to death, me just walking
out on the conversation, leaving him with one of the modern day
Gadianton Robbers, but I just told him to come over with me. So, we
talked to her and set up another time to come by for this week to try
and teach her.  She seems pretty interested.
I just told her that we share something happy and true and not crazy,
and she agreed to listen some time, so that was good! I'm not too sure
what's going to happen to our investigator. We are  going to try and see if we can
help at all, but I don't know. Anyway, things are still going good out
here.  The church is so true and so good and so pure. If any of you
don't believe you should really try and find it out for yourself.
Really dig through the scriptures and wrestle with
God. It will be rough, but it will end up being the best thing you
have ever done. 
Well, I love y'all, I hope y'all have a good week, enjoy the cold
because it's starting to get real hot out here already (it's already
hit 80!) the Lord loves y’all! Thanks for all the support!
Elder Murdock



Elders Murdock, Dominquez and Asay
All in the MTC together

A Utah Boy!

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