Monday, February 15, 2016

Good Week in Baytown, Bonus-Amazing Food Too!

Howdy everybody! Happy Valentines! Sorry I've taken so long to email
today, but here we go!
This week has been great, we got a new investigator, who is actually
the cousin of one of our current investigators. We went over to that
investigators house, with a member, and it turned
out that his cousin is staying over with him and he was there
for the lesson. It turns out that he is the son of a preacher man,
and so at first I was worried that all he would want to do is bash,
but it turns out he's really been wondering about what's true, and
where his dad even got authority from, it was pretty cool. He had a
lot of questions, and we had a lot of answers, so it all went really
well! Our investigator is pretty cool too, his dad was a lot more chill with him,
so he's talking with us more to find out more about what we believe,
but he's taking it all really well too. Texas is still really nice.
Today has been a beautiful day, the clouds were amazing, they went on
for miles! But, it is starting to get hot, but I think that's a good
thing, I'll try not to think of y'all back home in the snow and cold
while I'm biking around in the sunshine! Sure do love y'all
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

I received the following email a few minutes after the first.  I thought it would be some 
amazing spiritual experience. Nope. It  was about food.  I am grateful to wonderful families 
that are feeding my boy! Thank you.
Also, put this in the weekly blog mom, because it is really important.
This week we went and had dinner with a family in the ward.
 I'm sure that the BBQ you had today was good, but it
couldn't have been anything like the Ribs this amazing cook of a man
 made for us. The only fault I found with them was
that they tended to fall apart when you grabbed the bone to pick it
up. The meat would just slide right off! He started smoking these
magnificent morsels early that morning using pecan wood. He didn't add
anything to them except for garlic salt and apple juice, but they were
still so full of flavor. They made my taste buds sing songs of joy
that they have only sung while eating my moms gumbo, and even then I
pause to wonder if it was even better (sorry mom). I only wish my
stomach had more room to eat them. But, that wasn't even the best
part! He also bakes, and this dinner he baked us a blueberry cheese
cake, all from scratch, and it was equally amazing. It was so moist,
so sweet, and so crumbly all at the same time, it's hard to describe
really. Anyway, I eat really good food out here!
P Day at the Church


Ankle is healing!

More Pday
Biking in Baytown.  "Watch out! Here come the Mormons!"

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  1. He's not kidding or exaggerating about the food. It really is that good.