Monday, February 8, 2016

Crazy Week

Hi everyone!
This has been another good week. We finally got to teach a man 
who we found while on splits with the Spanish
missionaries.  He's really nice and easy going.  One day, we went over to see if
he was home, and he wasn't, but right when we were leaving a car
pulled up with who turned out to be his cousin, with his sister driving. His cousin is a
character. He still believes in the Egyptian sun god, ra,
and pretty much thinks that Mother Nature is the ultimate power.  When we told him about our
Heavenly Father he just said,  "yeah, that sounds pretty good, but I think I still need to
give a shout out to good old Mother Nature!". I don't think he's quite
white and ready to harvest yet! But yeah, the investigator is still doing good, and
the rest of his family seems normal enough.
Me and Elder Hansen are getting along really well, except this week I
got sick on Sunday, lost my voice on Tuesday, and twisted my ankle on
Friday playing volleyball, but it's all good! The worst part of it has
been I haven't been able to sing, and I love to sing! But oh well,
missionary life goes on, and I love it! I've really loved biking
around Baytown, it makes talking to people pretty nice, and, as I said
earlier, there are a lot of characters here in Baytown! Like just
yesterday we were biking by a restaurant and a bunch of guys were
yelling at each other, and pretty much disturbing the peace. We didn't
think they wanted to hear a message at the time, so we just kept
going! Oh well, things are great, and I love hearing from you! I love you
guys so much, Happy birthday Mom and Papa Dave!!!!
I hope it will be a good one!
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

"Twisted" ankle.  Mom thinks it is more sprained! No complaints from Elder Murdock.
First thing he thought was "what would Lisa Walker do from good old SHS?" So he iced it, elevated it, and wrapped it! Thanks Lisa!

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