Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

Hello everybody! I've been good this week, we didn't do much for New
Years except go to bed at ten thirty, we were both really tired, and
we had to be in our apartment by six, mission rules, so yeah, this
year came in pretty bland I'm sorry to say! We had a good president
interview training on Tuesday, and it was great to hear from the APs
and President and Sister Drake, it was a lot about Preach My Gospel,
which really is amazing and y'all should read it, especially you Wes,
read now before you come out!!! We have a couple new investigators, we
need to see them a few more times before we know anything definite,
but they are still there! My testimony has defiantly grown, I've felt
the spirit testify to me just a few days ago! It's awesome and I love
I wish I could see some of that snow back home, the cold is no fun
without it, and it has been pretty cold, in the forties and thirties
even! Me and Elder Leftwich are still doing great and getting along well.
I'll send some pictures of an exchange we had on Wednesday.
 Sorry, I didn't have a huge story to tell this week, but it was
still a good one, trust me! Well, we do have something funny, we have
an invading army of ladybugs coming into our apartment, there have
been a few of them all along our ceiling and our bedroom wall, the
kill count is at about thirty eight, so don't worry, there haven't
been too many. But it is super sad killing them, I mean, they're just
little ladybugs! But, it  turns out they bite us in the middle of the
night, so they have to go. We were actually shooting darts at them at
lunch on our ceiling, but we could never hit them, oh well!
I love y'all, watch out for ladybugs, and Happy New Year!
Elder Murdock

True to the Faith

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