Monday, January 11, 2016


Hello everyone! I hope y'all have been keepin up well. I've just been out here serving the Lord. We were able to teach  a lot of people this week, sadly, none of them came to church, but we will keep trying! Man, these people just need to go to church! One really cool thing though, we are teaching a girl who sings really well. Herself and boyfriend are interested in the Gospel. It's been a long time coming for these two, but they are finally accepting our message! We were finally able to sit down and have a real lesson with them about the restoration, and they just accepted it, even the Word of Wisdom! They just knew that the Word of Wisdom comes from God, so that made it a little easier on us. The other people we're teaching are doing well, like I said, they just need to go to church, but other than that, they are all progressing well. Nothing else too big happened, we had a crazy big rain storm on Thursday, there was even some hail down in Houston, and tons of lightning. Me and Elder Leftwich drove over to the lake and watched it all for a little bit, it was awesome! 
I hope y'all have a great new week, I might get transferred by the end of it, I hope I don't, this ward and area is amazing, and so are the people we are teaching, but no matter what, I'll do what I'm asked!
Love y'all, stay safe,
Elder Murdock.
True to the Faith
Crazy Big Rainstorm

P Day

P Day

Elder Murdock's Dad Steve was in San Antonio this week!  So close, but oh so far!!  He was sitting in the Houston airport when that big storm was going on!  Crazy!  We love Texas!

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