Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello everybody! Sorry about not emailing last week, transfers were pretty crazy.  So, I'll try to be quick about what's happened these last two weeks!  My last week with Elder Leftwich was really nice, we were able to teach a nice lady. She was awesome, which probably means she is going to get baptized, and I'm not even going to be there! Oh well, it's still all good! Leaving Elder Leftwich was pretty sad, but I'll still see him throughout the mish.  It sure was fun to serve with him though, he was just a hard worker, I learned a lot from him.  
Elder Hansen is great! He reminds me a lot of Wes, because he can make up songs and such.  He has been out for a year.  This area has some more sketchy areas. There are a lot of of signs and things in Spanish here.  It is a bike area.  Also, we went to Pasadena for Zone meeting, and we had to go over a huge bridge to get there, it was a little bit bigger than the one in Onalaska! So, here is how I got pepper sprayed:
The second morning that I was here, we were just kinda waking up, and Elder Hansen found in his closet a can of pepper spray given to him from one of his last companions, Elder Harington, the same guy who was my first district leader.  Anyway, he had never tried to spray it before, and the instructions say that you need to do that, so he decided to go out on the porch to try it out.  He just sprayed a little bit against the ground, and came back inside.  The problem was, pepper spray apparently spreads out through the air really quick, and we didn't know that.  So, for about an hour, our apartment was full of pepper spray smell, and pepper spray particles, that got up into our noses and eyes and stuff and was really irritating.  Me and Elder Hansen sat there coughing and laughing for a good while, I couldn't feel my nose! It was a really weird thing, and now I never want to be pepper sprayed for real, because if only that much hurt so much, I never want to know how a full on spray to the face would feel!  Just remember everyone, be nice to people, so you won't get pepper sprayed.  
Im still doing good out here! Send small letters to my new address and if I were y'all, I'd send bigger things to the mission home from now on. 
I sure do love y'all! Oh, I almost forgot, Elder Nelson is coming to the Texas Houston South mission on Saturday, but the conference includes all of the Houston missions, so I GET TO See Elder NELSON again!!!! I'm so excited, because I was able to hear him give a talk at the MTC, and since then I've loved him.  Anyway, if there's anyone in the other Houston missions that I know, I'll be able to see them maybe!
Love you, do good to others, 
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith
Awesome apartment in Onalaska!  Hard to say goodbye.

Elder Hansen

Onalaska District

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