Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas, heat, and new apartment

Hello everybody! It was so nice to see some of you on Christmas,
you all look like you're doing really well! I also loved to hear all
of your voices, it made me so happy! I hope you all had a Merry
Christmas, it sure sounds like you did. Thank you to everyone who sent
me a little something this Christmas, I really enjoyed  all of it, and I
will use everything you sent, so thank you!
This week was a little crazy. I'm pretty sure I told all y'all about
my last apartments bathroom disaster, and how me and Elder Leftwich
stayed the night at my Bishops house a few weeks ago. Well, Bishop
up and decided to do something about it, and he got us a new
apartment right here in town! It turns out that a family in the ward,
 have this nice big spare apartment above the garage next to their house. It was only half finished. 
So, Bishop, some members who are contractors got started on Monday.  By the end of
Wednesday they told us we could move in! 
Those pastors work fast! We also helped out with the
painting and cleaning of the apartment, and if there's  a guy who
knows how to clean up a job site, I'd say I'm that guy (huh dad?)! So
on Thursday, Christmas Eve, me and Elder Leftwich decided to move
everything from our old apartment to the new one. It took us the whole
day, and about seven trips going back and forth. For some reason we
decided to do it all on our own, so it took a while. About the whole
day. By the time it was about five o'clock, I think, we were down to
our beds and our only couch, and some food in our fridge, so we
decided to call up the sisters and their truck (still jealous of that)
to help move the couch, because it wouldn't fit into our car, Sherm.
Well, the couch was a beast to get up the stairs! And, for some
reason, Texas decided to get all hot again all of a sudden, 83
degrees, and humid again, 80%, so by the time we got the couch up the
stairs we were sweating like crazy. The sisters were cheering us on
the whole way though! Man that really took it out of me and Leftwich,
so we spent the rest of the evening organizing the apartment, and
trying to recover from the day. It was a long one! It felt weird
looking back at the old apartment and seeing nothing again, just like
the day I got there, but man, I love this new one! I don't mean to
brag, but it's probably the best in THE mission. Except, we forgot to
turn on the water heater the first few days, so we had to take cold
showers for a bit!
So, not too much actual missionary work happened is week, but we were
still able to go and see people! We taught an investigator again on Wednesday
and on Saturday, but on Saturday there was still a lot of family over,
so it was a loud lesson. Like, Murdock Christmas party loud. We also
took some cookies we made on Tuesday with some members to some
investigators. One of them is a lady we met last week while
tracking, and taught the restoration to this week. She's really a
sweet old lady, and she calls us "baby" a lot, so it's kinda funny!
Other investigators are doing a lot better, and their family is still interested in
the messages.
Well, that's about it this week, I hope you all have a Happy New Year,
and keep doing well this next week too! I love you all,
Elder Murdock

True to the Faith
Elder Murdock and Leftwich hung a Christmas Tree  of lights and put their presents under it!
New apartment

We loved visiting with Elder Murdock on Christmas Day! He sounded so happy. He loves being a missionary in Texas!

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