Monday, December 7, 2015

Bye Elder Moe and Thank You!!

Howdy y'all! Things are great out here in East Texas! Today is transfer
day, so that means a whole lot of stuff going on with a whole lot of
emotions going everywhere! I'd like to thank all of you, first of all,
for all the support you're giving me, and for the testimonies each of
you have borne for me, they have helped strengthen me, and made me
happy! So, thanks. I'd also like you to know how much I love you,
especially for letting me go out on this mission. Elder Moeakiola
wanted you to know the same thing, he's really glad that y'all let me
come out, too.
Well, it's finally time to let my crazy Tongan brother go back to the
island. I sure am going to miss the big guy, the whole mission will be
different without him! We've had a good time serving together, and
have learned a lot from each other. It's weird that I'm going to have
some other guy following me around now, I'll let y'all know who it is
when I find out, because right now, I don't know myself!
This week has been busy, we had to do a lot of stuff with the ward. We
finally taught  a lesson to Jessie, a guy we've been trying to work with
for the last while, and he loved it! We also had to go down to
Kingwood two nights in a row, Friday, and Saturday. We were
helping out with a big Christmas nativity festival at the stake
center. That was really nice to help them, they had all these
nativities set up in the cultural hall, along with other Christmas
themed activities to do all over the church. My favorite was the dress
up place, Sister White and Sister Fernandez were in charge of it, and
it was where you could dress up as nativity characters and be in a
little manger, and there were tons of little kids that went there to
get pictures with their families, so the sisters were just perfect for
We also were one of the performances at the nativity in Kingwood, on
Saturday we went down again, but this time, we were singing with the
ward choir. That was really fun, we have an amazing singer in our
ward.  She's Weston's age, and reminds me of him a
lot. They would get along really well, I think! So, that was a great
way to get into the Christmas spirit, I love this time of year!
Everyone seems a little cheerier, and maybe even a little more open to
the gospel, I think we are going to do good things this Christmas
So, a few things about transfers: I'm staying here in Onalaska, and
I'm going to be a regular missionary still, not training or anything.
Moe's leaving, of course, and Sister Fernandez is being transferred
too! She has been in Livingston her whole mission, so she is pretty
sad about that, and so is Sister White.  I'll let you know more about my new comp 
when I can.Love,
             Elder Murdock

True to the Faith
P Day at Lake Livingston
Elder Murdock said to show this to Colby Brewer-So this is for you Colby Brewer! Happy Wedding!


Nativity at Stake Center


This must have been at Young Women in Excellence!

P Day

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