Monday, October 19, 2015

Talent shows, baptize, and ride

Hello family!  Elder Moe and I, along with the young men in our ward, did a Hakka for our talent show! It was so fun, Elder Moe especially liked doing it, and practicing for it.  The talent show was fun, we also did another skit with a young adult in the ward who just graduated.
This week has been great! On Tuesday we were on another exchange with the the zone leaders, so I got to go  down by Kingwood with a red head named Elder--- he's a zone leader. That was pretty great. We biked around a lot and even stopped at this Mexican food truck, and Wes, I actually got a Torta! I didn't drop it though, thankfully, but I thought of you when I got it. It's kinda like if you put a fajita on a sandwich, they are pretty good.  The place reminded me of some places we were at in India!
Then on Wednesday we had a talent show, and that was way fun to see all the ward and their talents. I didn't play viola then, but I still had fun doing some skits and things! 
Also, on Sunday, our Bishop's wife asked if I could play viola on Friday for the ward genealogy dinner. I told  her yes, but I would need to find some old Scottish and Irish jigs to play.  So, I went and found a few jigs to play on Wednesday, practiced and memorized them on Thursday, and played them on Friday! It was a little hectic, but it turned out alright. I love playing!
Then of course, we had a baptism on Saturday!!! It went really well, it felt so good to be able to help him into the water, I didn't baptize him, it was the another older gentleman that did that.  Me and Moe just helped him into the water because of his leg.  He did well though! He was very frightened though, but Elder Moe had him as he went under. It went off without a hitch and it was awesome! His confirmation yesterday went great too. It was amazing, being able to stand in the circle and help give him the Holy Ghost. Man, I love being a missionary! It made me hungry for more! I can see why dad loved his mission so much, it is just so amazing! I want to keep bringing people to the fold, to the true church! It's amazing seeing them grow in the gospel, and to see the spirit touch them in such an amazing way.  I'll keep working hard!
Ok, now I should probably answer a few of yalls questions: the weather is good, the heat is starting to go away, finally, but there hasn't been any rain for a while, we could really use some! 
I'm not sure about jackets and sweater vests, I think the jacket I have here will work for now, but if I need more I'll let y'all  know! 
Alright, things are going great out here, I love you all, thanks for caring about me while I'm out here, I can't believe how fast time flies! I'm already about to go into my third transfer next week! It's all going good guys, keep up the good work back home! I'm glad you had an undefeated season, tell the team they are the best!  Good luck in playoffs.  I love you. 
                 Elder Murdock
 True to the Faith

P Day BBall

Ward talent night 

Some people are "dying" for the Book of Mormon


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