Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Weekend

Howdy everybody! This week has been great!  We went and did service at
a sisters house. We helped her move over to a new home in
Livingston.  It was so nice to help her out, she was so grateful that
we could help, along with some of the ward members.  I love being able
to help out! And that I learned from such good parents to work hard.
We weren't able to find many people this week, no one wanted to hear
about the gospel! It's pretty crazy, but we were able to talk to some
less active families.   I enjoy hearing their stories!
Conference was so good this week! Some of my favorite messages:
President Monson on being a light
Elder Holland on mothers (I almost cried a bit)
Elder Durrant's on ponderizing, I love that.
When Sister Marriott spoke about Texas!
Those are just a few, but really I loved all of it! I watched it at
the church in Livingston, with the sisters and a few other members.
Hearing the words of the General Authorities is awesome as a missionary.
 I liked trying to think of how this could help me out, and how it could help out those
around me.  I felt the spirit so strong when President Monson bore his
testimony, it's so good to know that we have a living prophet that
receives perfect guidance for this church, and for the whole world!
But, I was getting a little scared too, when he kept leaning closer to
the mike. I hope he keeps doing alright, we've already lost three
amazing men this year!
I'm glad you had fun on your trip, dad! And I'm also glad that grandpa
is still doing good, I don't think he's ever going to stop working
hard! And tell Evan to be more careful, but that would have been so
funny to watch! I'm glad you're all doing so well, I love you all! And
sorry I've kinda crammed all your personal emails into one this week,
I'm not sure when I'll have wifi again, which is why I've taken so
long to send it today, but here you go, take it or leave it! I love
you all, and I love hearing from you! Keep doing what's right, and
keep reading over what was said this weekend, and do what they tell
you! The church is true, and the word is good. I'll keep working hard
out here, and I'll only be missing you a little! I love you all!
                      -Elder Murdock

True to the Faith

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