Monday, September 7, 2015

Service, Bubbles, and Friends From Home

Howdy Y'all!  
I really can't believe that another fast Sunday has come and gone. It's so exciting!  This week has been pretty good.  We got around to a lot of people, but we didn't get any return appointments!  Oh well, we placed a lot of Book of Mormons, so maybe they will figure it out later in life.  We did get one return, but she cancelled before we could come out, so dang.  
But, it was really nice to see the Blackburns on Saturday!  It made me think of our ward back home and all the fun times I had back there, and how all of them led up to me serving a mission.  It's amazing how that happens in life.  I love it!  It was so nice of them to drive up here and take me out to dinner.  Thanks Blakburns!
We were able to do a service project for a less active lady in the ward.  Her yard was in need of some help.  We, along with the sister missionaries mowed her lawn and cleaned it up a little.  I actually pruned a lot of her trees with a machete!  Sorry, we should've taken some pictures but we were working too hard to think of stuff like that!
Teaching lessons is good, I haven't been able to teach too many other than lesson 1, the Restoration, but I'm ready for when I need to teach more!
My exchange with Elder Strong went well.  He's a great missionary, and working with him made me so excited to go and do some work!
A funny thing happened this morning.  I think I put too much soap in the dishwasher.  I'll send a picture of what happened!
I met a lady in our ward who I think met Dad when she lived in Louisiana.  She's older and is named Sister Fox.  She had a different name in Louisiana.  I knew this would happen sometime, and I hope it keeps happening.  It's fun to hear "Elder Murdock, that sounds really familiar!"  Then they realize they might have known my dad from his mission!  This Gospel is awesome that way.  It affects people for generations and it helps them always.  I'm so glad I can be here for people and that I can help them for who knows how many years!  I love it, and I love my Savior so much.  He is my master and my friend.  I will do His wonderful work with all I've got, until I drop to the ground and can't move anymore and even then I will try and try to get back up with His help and keep going!  I love all of you, but not as much as the Savior loves you. His love never stops!  I hope you keep seeing blessings in your lives. It makes me happy to hear that you see them!  You're the best family ever.  I love you!
Love, Elder Murdock
The Blackburns lived in my home ward and moved to Houston 2 years ago. They took Elder Strong, who I was on splits with, and I out to dinner!

Too much dishwasher soap!! At least our floor is clean!

Elder Moe teaching a raccoon!

Selfie with Lake Livingston!

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