Monday, September 14, 2015

Fishing in Texas

Hello My Family!  
It's real good to hear from you.  I really like hearing how the SHS team is doing back home and I'm so glad we won!  I also knew about the BYU games.  The first one was playing when I ate out with the Blackburns, and some members told me about the last one yesterday. They are big Cougar fans.  So I guess things are real exciting back home!  And you know what's crazy??  As of today I am into my second transfer.  I can't believe that I've gone through one transfer already, time goes by so fast and it's been soooo good so far!  It's crazy that some of the missionaries in our area are getting transferred out.  We have one other missionary companionship here in the Livingston ward, Sister West and Sister Fernandez, and they really do feel like sisters to me.  Fernandez is only a transfer older than I am, but Sister West is getting transferred today.  It feels so weird that there is going to be a new missionary here now.  And apparently she is a greenie and will be trained by Sister Fernandez.  It's crazy that I'm not the greenest greenie anymore!
We brought some less active members to church with us.  We met them on Saturday while we were just walking and knocking and they were out painting their door. They are a mom and daughter.  The mom is in her eighties or so and has a cool testimony. She apparently held the world record for most names indexed for a while.  Her daughter is more nondenominational but has a real strong testimony of God and prays to him a lot.  Both came to Sacrament yesterday and it was Awesome!  We do have some lessons lined up for tomorrow with some investigators.  It feels good to finally be teaching.  The people seem like they would really do well with the Gospel.  I pray for them so much that they can open up their hearts to it.  Things have been great here.  I love the other missionaries in our district.  It feels like we are alll a big family.  That is a good feeling when you are out here on your own!  This place is awesome, the ward is great and the area around the lake is beautiful.  The temperature is finally starting to cool down.  I just feel so blessed!  Me and Elder Moeakiola went fishing this morning with Brother Land and his son. It was good to just go down by the lake and relax a bit.  Life here in Texas is awesome and there is really no where else I need to be right now, which is a good feeling.  I'm really excited for Rylee.  She gets to go out and experience it all too!  There's no better feeling that being a missionary!!
Ok, I love you all so much.  Until next Monday, I'll keep you all in my prayers. 
With Love, Elder Murdock

On a road heading to Lake Livingston

Elder Murdock and Elder Moeakiola

"Minionaries" that the Young Women gave to us

District Training

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