Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Week 103

Hey everyone!
This past week has been great, we've been able to see the Lord work
his miracles out here in Vidor for sure! Like on Friday, we were
eating dinner with the Hoosiers, a family in the ward who have been
here forever. We asked them if they knew anybody they thought could
use some help, and they told us of a less active guy,
who lived down their street on a little farm. We decided to go see
him, and found him sitting out on the porch of an old trailer home he
converted into a feed barn for all his cows and pigs and such, they
were all moseying around his yard. We talked to him for a bit, he's a
good old dude with a big old beard who's been a member forever and
less active for just about as long. We asked him if he knew anyone
that would like to be baptized, and he said, "yeah! My little niece is
nine years old and needs to be baptized!" So we went over to his house
across the street where his niece is staying at for now,
taught them a little lesson, committed her to Baptism, invited them
both to church, and what do you know, they came! He was quite the
sight to see walking to church with a Hawaiian floral shirt and his
big beard, but Kiley was all smiles, she's great.

OK, one more long story, but this is a really cool miracle that I'd
like to share,

Yesterday we decided to go try walking around a neighborhood that we'd
never been to before, and found a good looking place to go on the map.
Once we got there, we both felt prompted to start walking down a
street to our right. We didn't find anybody too interested on that
street, we just talked to one man and gave him a pamphlet, he wasn't
too interested though. As we kept walking down the street, we thought
it was a dead end, and almost decided to turn around, but another
promting came to go down to the end just to make sure. Lo and behold,
the street kept going around the corner. Then we decided to check our
area book map to see if there were any less active or part member
families that lived on that street, and of course there were, this is
Vidor, it's like the Utah Valley of Texas, there's Mormons everywhere!
In fact, the very house we were standing outside of at the time was
the house that the part member family lived in, and the wife was
pulling into the drive way at that very moment! We called to her as
she was getting out of her car, asking her if James (the less active
guy) was home. She replied no, James is dead. What! Turns out that the
lady was James' wife, and that he'd been dead for almost a year now.
Her name is Liz, and has been a member of the church of christ for a
while now. They teach that families will not be together forever, so
she has been rather upset since the death of her husband. She was
crying a lot as we talked with her, she and her husband were both
still pretty young, into their fifties or so I'd say. We testified to
her that families are eternal, and that it's all part of God's plan
for us to be together forever, and that it's all because of Jesus
Christ and his Atonement that this is possible, and that we know this
because of the restoration of the gospel. We gave her a book of Mormon
and asked her to read it, and we'll be back to see her this Thursday!
She was feeling a lot better by the end, I'm just glad I've got a
testimony of a heavenly father who has a plan for me and my family,
and that we can live with him together forever because of it, and for
the chance I had to share it with her and help her be happier!

The scripture for this week is Alma 5:33, I've been studying more on
the atonement this week, and I've noticed there lots of scriptures
about the atonement which teach that we can one day return to our
father in Heaven and be received in his loving embrace. Anyway, read
it live it love it!
I sure do love y'all, but I know the Lord loves y'all more!
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

4th of July Celebration


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