Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 101 Vidor

Hey everybody
Well I went and got transfered last week, now I'm in a place called
Vidor Texas, a little place that's actually full of Mormons. It feels
a lot like Utah really, just bigger. Because everything's bigger in
My new companions name is Elder Anderson and he's a great guy, he's
from out there in Panguitch and loves basketball and missionary work.
We're whitewashing our new area, which means we're both new to the
area. It's actually how I started my mission, so I guess it's how I'm
going to end it!
We're also both brand new zone leaders for the Orange zone, which
means I get to go into Louisiana every now and then for exchanges and
district meetings and things. We actually went on an exchange this
week with the elders out there, Elder Anderson went out to Jennings
and I got to go back to Lake Chuck one last time with elder Ludlow and
Elder Saunders and see how the area's doing. It was nice to see some
of the places I served in again, and for dinner we ate at the Turreks,
a really great family down there, and they make amazing food! It was
nice to see them again, along with Pierre, seeing all of them almost
made me feel like I was serving there again.
Elder Anderson and I are still getting used to our area, we're really
still not too sure who all of our investigators are, or really what
we're doing as zone leaders, but we're both taking it one day at a
time, here a little there a little! I've definitely been learning a
lot more, it's crazy, no matter how far along I've come on my mission,
I still realize how little I really know, and how much farther the
lord wants to take me. I'm happy to go wherever that is though,
because I know as long as I keep Him as my guide, I'll never get lost,
or need to be afraid.
I've been reading some of The teachings of Heber J. Grant, he preaches
a lot about hard work and persistence, a couple of attributes I've
been needing to work on. It's so important to always be doing
something good, to work and work and work until you can't anymore. So,
the scripture of the week this week is Mosiah 4:27, read it live it
love it!
I sure do love y'all, and the Lord loves us all more than that! He's
in charge here, so just trust him.
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith

Elder Ludlow, Elder Saunders, Elder Murdock

Elder Murdock and Elder Anderson

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