Monday, January 9, 2017


Hellaux y'all! I hope life's been treating y'all right, and that you've all had a chance to see some good in the world, if ya haven't, look harder because it's there! 
This week has been pretty great down here in the great state of Louisiana, it hasn't gotten any less crazy, which isn't a bad thing, the only thing that's really changed is...
Well, there was a little flurry of snow flakes after zone meeting in Orange, we walked out of the chapel and all the missionaries were going crazy because it was SNOWING and really cold. It wasn't quite like the snow we get back home, but hey, I'll take what I can get. It was really weird, I hadn't seen ice on the ground in a long time, yeah, it was weird seeing it while we were walking around. 
Anyway, after zone meeting I had a chance to give my first ever baptismal interview, wahoo!  The interview went well, it's just that the baptism went a little nuts. Before my mission, I just sort of thought that missionaries got people baptized and that they would go off without a hitch, but yeah, I was wrong! The morning of her baptism was really cold, and she is sort of frail, and has health issues, so she just decided that she wasn't getting baptized that day, while in the meantime, elder Crim and I along with the other elders had been setting up the church and the font for the baptism, and the members were all coming too expecting it to happen, and it just sorta turned into a fiasco! But the good news is, another family in the Sulphur ward had planned to have their eight year old boy baptized that same day, so the good news is, they had a lot of support from both the wards! Yup, missions are crazy y'all. Oh, speaking of crazy, yesterday the city of Lake Charles had a big power outage, so we had a short sacrament meeting in the dark and went and had some soup and gumbo and hot chocolate at the bishop's house afterwards, because his part of town still had power, so that was really nice of him! Our power in our apartment didn't come back on until approximately 9:21 p.m.Sunday night, but it's ok, we were out doing missionary work all day anyway! 
That's about it for This crazy week, I sure do love all y'all, but I love the Lord more! I'm so glad I can be his servant for just over seven more months, I'm giving Him my all and I hope y'all are too! Stay close to Him and He'll stay close to you! 
Elder Murdock 
True to the Faith


Frost on the Windshield.  A novelty in Louisiana

Waffle House. It's a Southern Thing

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