Monday, January 16, 2017

Hello everyone! I sure had a crazy week, I hope you've had a good one too! 

 Elder Crim and I took on a new mission challenge and decided to do the best that we could and leave the rest to the Lord.  As we've done this, we have seen miracle after miracle! Almost everyone we contacted this week was solid, and has wanted us to come back and teach them more. This has not really happened to me once on my mission, so I'm a bit overwhelmed, but in a good way! There's just tons of stuff to do, and there's really nothing wrong with that if you're a missionary, in fact, it's wonderful to be overwhelmed with things to do each day! I know that might sound crazy, but as Elder Crim and I have relied on theLord, we've been able to accomplish these things He has given us to do :) 

We also had a couple of exchanges this week, I went with Elder Esplin over to his area in Sulphur, Elder Malm, his comp, went and spent the day with Elder Crim in our area. I had a great time with Elder Esplin, he reminds me a whole lot of my cousin Howard. Elder Esplin's family owns a lot of property and cattle down in southern Utah and Arizona, so we talked a lot about horses and working cows, it only made us a little trunky ;) but he's a really good guy, we taught one of their investigators, Steven, who ended up getting baptized on Saturday, which was something else that happened that was really cool! I gave Steven his Interview on Wednesday, he's an interesting guy, he used to be in the army as an artillery man, so he connected a lot of the gospel with military terms, he really liked when I shared the story of Captain Moroni with him. 
We also had Elder Denton stick around the rest of the day on Friday to help us in an exchange in any way he could. The night before the Sulphur Elders stayed with us in our apartment to save on miles, and because the man who owns the house that they stay at died on Thursday, so there was a lot of the family over and they decided it was better to not be there for a night, so with Presidents permission we got to have three other elders in our apartment! Elder Denton, Malm and Esplin, so it was pretty fun :) 

One last thing! Elder Crim and I are teaching a wonderful lady named Joyce who lives in the ghetto, and is the sweetest old lady that you've ever met!... in the ghetto :) we had a lesson with her on Tuesday where we brought a recent convert over, who just so happens to be another old lady, Mary, who lives down the street from her, and they became friends real quick! It was funny, they both forgot to put in their teeth, so they were both a little shy and laughing and funny, it was pretty much adorable :) the best part is, Joyce came to church yesterday and plans on getting baptized on the 28! She is wonderful, I'm so glad I've been able to teach her! 

That's about it for this week, I hope each of you is relying on the Lord as you're going through any of your trials. He has told us to take up our crosses and to follow him, but the beautiful thing about this is, as we continue to follow him, he will make our burdens light, and our pathway bright, and he is there with us every step of the way. Trust in Him, with all that you've got, and hold on tight because he won't take you through the easy way to make you stronger! 
I sure do love y'all, but I love the Lord even more! I'm right where he needs me doing his work, I hope y'all can say the same wherever you are! 
Elder Murdock
True to the Faith
Elder Murdock and Elder Esplin



Elder Crim and Elder Murdock at Lake Charles

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